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NEVER N Destroyed Yo Park!

What a brilliant night! A huge range of top quality bands including our buddies FBI who tore it up tonight.

For those of you who don't know about NEVER N, they are a local band who headlined tonights show in Whampoa.

They completely blew me away with tonights performance and have unquestionally become my favourite band in Hong Kong.

They have everything! the looks, the onstage charisma, the style, the musicianship and the songs are played with so much conviction it makes even the originals the covered look dull in comparison.

The lead singer is phenomenal with the command and passion of any top US band I've played with  and crazily enough each individual musician in the band has the charisma of a solid frontman in their own right.

If you haven't seen them before expect them to be playing with us very very soon.

The first band in HK that I've fallen in love with, They even got our manager head banging, an impossible feat!

So big respect to NEVER N for playing the best live show I've seen in years..


Also we've just finished our new photoshoot, which should be up very soon.

And we will be recording our new material in June, which basically makes our old music look shit. Hopefully 5 new tracks to be laid down. and If we're feeling rich we might even go all the way and make an album. :)

Our new set with new songs airs mid June, expect it to be heavier, faster, louder and 100% bad attitude.


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seriously dude check them out. I've never seen a local band slaughter the crowd so badly! those guys worked a whole room of people effortlessly!
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