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Single guys are always the worst..

Which is a good thing because right now we do not only play live.

We play with anger,



and best of all sexual frustration.

A whole band full of frustrated single guys??

It calls for some seriously kickass rock n roll!!

At sammis kitchen this Saturday!! in Sheung Wan.

Single, Divorced, Widowed and even married folks are all welcome to jump on the groupie bandwagon that is the Gong Wu Basement Mah Jong Parlour.

We are an equal opportunities group and also if you ask Joe he will also say that he does not discriminate.

Watch out!

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
With all that frustration (especially the sexual kind), you guys should be writing some really skanky Rock 'n Roll. Find that "red light vibe" and let loose with some bluesy "I want it bad" songs. We all know suffering and frustration makes for better art than soft and fluffy baby animals and everything sweetness and light. Let 'er rip boys and show us what you've got. (You are invited to interpret that last line any 'ol way you want.)
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