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My very own Jihad put on Oasis Airlines!

It is official.

guess which idiot booked his flight today with Oasis.

Since 4pm I have only spoke in cantonese.

4 words.. all cursing words.

flight is cancelled and I'm waiting for something to happen.

3 hours sleep. nana's funeral and now no flight back to the poo-k!

I was wishing that I didn't need to go back home. so in some sick tarded way my wish came true..

I better get a flight tonight otherwise I'm going to have to shout at someone on the phone and write an angry letter..

just my luck.


on the bright side my Auntie just bought a nintendo wii and shit loads of copy games..

something to do while I wait to fly..

diu diu diu diu diu diu diu diu

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no flight, no refund, no phone lines work. next possible flight is tomorrow night. I'm fucking tired and want to kill everyone around me. I don't even like the nintendo wii. its gonna cost an extra $3300 just to get back home let alone come back to HK. I'll channel all this energy into a new song. called. oasis are a pile of ***** ****** *** ********** ********** ******* ***** **** ********** ** and can ***** *** ***** so ******.
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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Holy crap! Sometimes when the tsunami of sh*t hits, you just have to let it happen. Surrender to the fact that everything is going to be different from what you planned. You're going to need that energy in the next few days to deal with what must be dealt with. Getting pissed helps for a short time, then you need all that energy it takes to be angry to cope with what's happening. We all get you're NOT having fun. I hope you've already turned the corner and solutions are presenting themselves as I write. Good luck!
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tough dude...
over 15 years ago
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guys seriously I am stranded here.. the emergency helpline i got from Oasis was of literally no help in an emergency. totally rings out. I think the whole of HK is calling at the same time!! two flights for a zillion people?? seriously no chance.how could Oasis just do this to all it's customers. they even had the cheek to cancel my previous booking last month and force me to take this flight. what a complete pile of bullshit. I'll just pray something comes up tomorrow that I can take. I have a grandfather dying of cancer back home and I will totally erupt with more fury than pete over a broken tuner in the middle of chep lap kok unless they do something about this!!!
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