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Thank you and stage tube news

Thanks to AnD for sorting out some of the issues with the LP contest. it's looking way fairer now. Thanks also to the people that have voted for us so far. especially the people who didn't have AnD accounts and signed up simply to have their say and believe in us so much to do that.Thank you all ;)We've just finished the craziest video ever shot at stagetube yesterday. To say we went crazy is an understatement! Hopefully the live video will be with us in time to upload for the competition as we seriously almost destr...Read more

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Sorry guys

Sorry for the bitching and whining in my last blog. I guess I'm the kind of person that when there's something to say and I know everyone else wants to say it. I'm probably going to be the first person to fire it out.I know most of the other bands feel the same as me, because I know most of the other bands. We play together, are friends and support each other where we can.I am happy to be labelled a rude asshole as long as what i speak for is truth.Our band doesn't just write songs about pussy or how much we hate people. We simply ...Read more

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Guys as you know there's an awesome opportunity for one lucky band to play with Linkin Park next month in Macau! Please go to  www.alivenotdead.com/linkinparkcontest and cast your vote for GONG WU!!!Allow us the chance to show these people what Hong Kong can really do!We want to get up on stage with those guys and DESTROYYYYY!!!!We don't want applause, we want LIMBS on stage!!It's such a small competition every single vote really c...Read more

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Linkin Park Competition is not working..

OK guys I hate to rant openly but I'm gonna have to do it. Firstly I'd like thank AnD for setting up a chance for one of our local bands to get a chance of a lifetime. You guys have done great thing to try and get bands like ours out into the public and have great intentions at heart especially with competitions like these that could really benefit artists..However the Linkin Park competition seems to be a bit flawed..There are people blatantly cheating to get extra votes. Plain and simple.The voting system is...Read more

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Gong Wu is sponsored by Puma!

Me and Gavin have just been down to the Puma store in Times Square and totally rinsed the place of free stuff. Shopping Spree!Thanks to Puma, especially for the neat new shoes! And we look forward to moonwalking in them at our next show!I got some of the new Puma L.I.F.T, they weigh absolutely nothing and are super comfy. Who says white guys can't jump??? Well now half yellow guys, yellow and white guys can jump that little bit higher with the help of weightless sneakers.Let's just hope all the black guys don't wear ...Read more

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New Songs Uploaded on our page!

Hope you like some of the new demos we've uploaded onto our site. Our newest song "Cyber Saviour" is still a basic demo! Can't wait to show you guys the full version with full guitars and slap bass!Enjoy.

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Tom Lee on the 26th and other news!

We'll be playing the Tom Lee music carnival on Sunday 26th (weather permitting) We'll play at 5pm and it's gonna be fun!Lawrence has been touring this week in Japan with a jazz band. From what I hear he has had the illusion of copious, big breasted japanese girls roaming the streets that he's watched on DVD all his life totally shattered by the tour. I've been telling him, they only come out when the rock n roll bands play but alas...Anyway luckily on Sunday we have the magnificent Ferdie Ramos supplyin...Read more

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Devastating news. any 70's 80's child probably grew up with Michael Jackson love him or hate him.A lot of fond memories surrounding his music and how he changed the face of pop.He will truly never be forgotten.Li

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Music Matters 2009

Hi guys we had a blast playing for any of you guys that turned up to the music matters party on Wednesday! It was great to see so many people passionate about music in one room!Also I managed to attend the Music Matters conference on the Thursday and got a great insight into a huge side of music that a lot of us lazy musicians neglect.I managed to get into a Q&A session with Linkin Park's manager Rob as well as a guy named Terry, Avril Lavigne's Manager. They gave me great insight into the real role of a good manager and what y...Read more

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Gong Wu seeking a second GUITARIST!

Hi everyone! We are looking for a second guitarist to join our gang.The potential guy needs to be able to commit to a real full-time original music making band!We are looking for a guitarist with a passion and wide appreciation to all the genres of rock and even other genres like blues and funk.You don't need to be able to play the most technical guitar but you need and understanding and execution of leads with feel and groove.Groove musically, is the most important thing we are looking for.  Technicality is not a prio...Read more

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We slap the hardest funk crunching metal across the earholes of Asia.. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GONGWU WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GONGWUBAND WWW.GONGWUBAND.COM

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