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19th Birthday

Well another year has gone by so quickly it's shocking!  On Wednesday night I had a little gathering with some close friends and we went for dinner and drinks. The year before was just nuts... so this year I decided to calm it down and prepare for the big 30 next year.... Oh no, I mean my 10th Anniversary of my 20th Bday (As Glenn would say!)  We went for hotpot (sorry Dax and Jto) and this time we set a new record! 8 large plates of beef!!!!  Sorry... no pictures were taken of food as we were all just too involved with the eating ceremony...Read more

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My super cool parents!

Here is a pic of my mum and dad straight after the performance at the CD launch!  Everyone says my parents look so young!!! Hahahaa! But you'll never guess their REAL age!  I am very fortunate to have such awesome parents who have supported me with my music.  They never pushed me to become a doc, engineer etc or whatever rakes in steady $$$$$.  They have always wanted me to  do something that me makes me happy.  I love them with all my heart!  They too are my inspiration!

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This show is gonna rock big time!!!

As the AT boys are part of Josie's band (AKA Josie and The Uni's), we would like to hype up her up and her coming concert on the 2nd of March.

Everyone should get their asses down there coz this show is gonna rock big time!!! We have a strong set list of Josie songs (incl. new ones) and a load of others to please all kinds of mu...Read more

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Albums - Looking Back

Ok its been a while since I've blogged about random stuff again... so here we go!

Just been browsing my itunes and thought I'd share my fav albums that have changed my life!!!

These Albums I could easily listen to from start to finish lying down by the beach and just chilaxing!!! Mannn... I need a holiday! Anyway!!!

Ok in no particular order...

Lets start with  one of my ultimate favourite bands of the 90's

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HAPPY 08!!!

Happy New Year!!! This year is gonna rock!!! BIG  #$%#in' TIME!!!

So much is gonna happen... I feel a revolution happening with the scene this year.... I hope you're all gonna be there to support it... Just you wait and see... Support AnD!!! .. Those guys are working their butts off!!!! Support your HK artists/bands this year!!! We're all gonna make a load of noise with all your love and support !!! We'llkick the mainstream up the ass and make a new hole!!! Wooohoooo!!!!

2008 BABY!!! Are you with us???

<...Read more
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MKGFH ohhh yeah!!!

My current nickname in Josie's Band is....


Pretty funny nick and I totally live by it too!!! Check it out! Josie and Conroy got me hooked into guitar hero 2 and so I found myself purchasing the game.  Great classic tunes on it and all my friends (girls included) were blown away by how much fun it was... ADDICTION started!!!

So...Yesterday I was out shopping like a mad woman and amongst the other things I bought... I got myself the new GUITAR HERO 3!!!! Sweeeetass... This time ...Read more

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Halloween and Selling out


Had fun playing a sweet but short set with Josie last night... we all got made up... Josie was a scary geisha woman... Kev was a  rotten zombie... Siu Ming was some Chinese devil character (forgive me for not knowing the name)... Adrian was a masked wrestler and I was burnt! 

I should be able to get more group pics from someone... (sorry ryan)

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Inspired Electronically

The last time I was super inspired by electronic music was when I saw Hybrid perform in 2001... They changed my whole perspective on electronic music.... They had a great performance of what looked like an electronic band... guys singing, sampling, DJing, keyboards guitars and a drummer on a semi electric kit... That drummer was nuts... I would have spontaneously exploded from drumming for that long constantly... This is the only video I could find on youtube that kinda illustrates what I mean

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Repect Da Boon

I was handed the lyrics to Boon's song by Dax a couple of weeks back... He asked if I would be interested in making the music for it... I thought HELL YEAH.... Boon made me such a nice profile (when i described to the AnD guys how the theme should be ... I simply said...'Fucking Sexy') for me and so I had to give back something... So for the past 2 days I haven't been churning new Audiotraffic tunes (writers block) so I thought why get frustrated and why not get down to some fun.... well the result is on Boon's page..... &q...Read more

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