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Halloween and Selling out


Had fun playing a sweet but short set with Josie last night... we all got made up... Josie was a scary geisha woman... Kev was a  rotten zombie... Siu Ming was some Chinese devil character (forgive me for not knowing the name)... Adrian was a masked wrestler and I was burnt! 

I should be able to get more group pics from someone... (sorry ryan)

    STAGE ONE                          FULL EFFECT                              GOT NAILED TOO

Ryan had a great Ace Freeley (Guitarist from Kiss) costume... Josie, me and Kev

Originally we the band wanted to dress up as Slipknot.. that would have been funny and awesome!!!! But finding a good shop in HK for masks ain't that easy...

OK, next subject... People accusing others of selling out....

Just to be clear .. according to wikipedia....

"refers to the compromising of one's integrity, morality and principles in exchange formoney, 'success' or other personal gain. It is commonly associated with attempts to increase mass appeal or acceptability tomainstreamsociety. A person who does this, as opposed to following the original path s/he laid (or claimed to lay) out for him/herself, is labeled asellout and regarded with disgust and immediate loss of respect. Selling out is seen as gaining success at the cost of credibility. Every person, from the entertainment industry, to political revolutionaries, to aBohemianwho suddenly switches to a socially conservative lifestyle, could be a sellout."If you visit Hardpack's blog ( http://www.alivenotdead.com/?hardpack) you will see that Glenny felt a little frustrated with what people have been saying about them... Hardpack selling out??? Man people have got to be kidding me!!! They have never been in it for the money... their music is their blood, sweat and tears!  I hate how people who criticize others on their hard work... I guess they have no idea how hard it is to survive being a band in HK!  It's not even like they've gone out of their way to make lots of cash or famous!!! Are they even in the top 10 international charts? Are they in mainstream adverts? F**k no! The only merchandise they promote mostly is their own... Hardpack have stuck to their guns and have gotten where they are by being themselves and doing what they do...

ok to the term "attempts to increase mass appeal or acceptability tomainstreamsociety"... People who have said such comments about Hardpack or any other band.... HELLO!!!!! When has the HK band scene been mainstream.... We're still underground even after so many years... The underground community has grown and has been very supportive but mainstream???...  All bands and other creative musicians are cut down to the fact that Cantopop rules the market... so to me in hk... selling out would be if hardpack started singing canto pop ballads... which will never happen (touch wood tehehehehehe)

If you go to another Asian country let's say Japan... they have a great music culture... they accept any kind of music and any spoken language of music... musicians can be accepted and inspired there... there are many venues and media that support bands there... and Japan's not the only asian country that supports original music...

In HK the scene has grown little by little but it's growing too slowly!!! We are falling behind... There is so much talent here that needs a bigger audience... Thank God we have people out there supporting.. AnD for a start, Underground (Chris B), LLNR, Channel V gosh so many people are trying... We (us, the bands,other musicians and the fans/supporters) must stick together and fight to spread and grow our space of original music....It doesn't help at all that people start shitty rumors for little shitty reasons... especially for bands who are working their butooeys off for the love and passion of their music!!!!

and breath... ok... sorry... had to get that off my chest....

But here's a thought.... What do you think would happen if there was a music RESET button in Hong Kong...  And when it was pressed... every listener in HK had no preference or influence in what music they would like.... and ALL singers, bands and others would we equal par... who would win the race then? The live original music at a public or intimate venue or the the music that goes round crying "Buy me! Buy me!"

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support support . . . great blog!!! *x
over 15 years ago
Well said Don! Haters fuel our fire! peace
over 15 years ago
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Love you Baby!!!!
over 15 years ago
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"oh yeah? well my band is going to be so legit that no one else will even know we exist... our music will be so cool that we won't put it on to a CD, lest other people have a chance to listen to it and actually like it..". :-P
over 15 years ago
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We support you guys! (Freaky burn costume, by the way...)
over 15 years ago


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