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This show is gonna rock big time!!!

As the AT boys are part of Josie's band (AKA Josie and The Uni's), we would like to hype up her up and her coming concert on the 2nd of March.

Everyone should get their asses down there coz this show is gonna rock big time!!! We have a strong set list of Josie songs (incl. new ones) and a load of others to please all kinds of music lovers including some awesome surprise covers which are always a lot of fun to perform live on the big stage.  We also have great visuals to go with the live show.  This is rarely done in HK band shows and I hope this concert can inspire video/ visual creators out there in Hong Kong to create something for band shows in HK.  It will surely take the show to another level!!!

Ooooooooo... and we have a bigger band for this concert too!!! Skot Suyama is flying back just for this concert to play bass and do some loops/programming, Crazyman ' Bunbun' on the keys, 2 hot n sexy backing singers Pam and Angelita, Kev, Adrian and myself form the rest.

Sorry for those of you expecting Kookie to be on stage with us wearing his wife's 'Flashdance' clothes.  I assure you, you'll see him in that outfit once again at another Josie concert.

Also... We got a nice set of guests performing with us.. We got

24Herbs, Paul Wong, Sam Lee, Hardpack and possibly more surprise guests...

So to all reading this... I hope to see you all there with your devil horns up in the air rocking to the sound of ... JOSIE HO'S 'GLAM TRASH LIVE'


每個人都該去看,因為這場演出將會很震撼!!!她的演出曲目 (包括新歌)十分豐富,還有很多其它內容取悅各類音樂愛好者 ,以及一些驚喜給大舞臺的演出帶來更多樂趣。演出現場我們還將播放 許多精彩視頻,香港樂隊的演出很少這樣,我希望這場演唱會能激勵香 港視頻/視效創作人為香港樂團的演出創造更多好作品 ,它將把這場演出提升到更高層次!!!

噢…這場演唱會我們的樂團陣容更強大!!!Skot Suyama特別飛回來彈貝司,還做一些循環/編程工作 ;瘋狂的家夥'Bunbun'負責鍵盤;兩位火辣性感的合聲是Pa m和Angelita;Kev、Adrian和我負責其余事項 。要對那些期待Kookie跟我們一起站上舞臺,穿著他老婆的 'Flashdance'服裝的人說抱歉。但我向你們保證 ,你會在另一場何超儀演唱會上看到他以如此裝束再次出場。

還有…值得期待的特邀嘉賓們: 24Herbs(廿四味)、 黃貫中、李璨琛 、 Hardpack和更多驚喜嘉賓…

所有正在讀這篇的人…希望能在現場看到你為何超儀'GLAM TRASH LIVE'演唱會加油吶喊!


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