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My super cool parents!

Here is a pic of my mum and dad straight after the performance at the CD launch!  Everyone says my parents look so young!!! Hahahaa! But you'll never guess their REAL age!  I am very fortunate to have such awesome parents who have supported me with my music.  They never pushed me to become a doc, engineer etc or whatever rakes in steady $$$$$.  They have always wanted me to  do something that me makes me happy.  I love them with all my heart!  They too are my inspiration!

OK before you ask... My mum is Malaysian born British-Chinese and my dad is Filipino (though he sometimes likes to say he's part Italian! hahahah!) I too was born in Malaysia and moved to HK when I was one.... So that makes me???? Yup! You got it! A Heinz 57! A mixed can of beans!

Oooooo one more person I'd like to promote... My mum's good friend! My hairstylist! Her name is Mayda.  She works at Hair Corner in Central, 1/F Duke Wellington House, opposite California fitness.  She is very friendly and most importantly supports Audiotraffic!

Oh totally just remembered smacks himself on the forehead  Check out...


Out producer Rob Porter's company!  You can rent equipment, hire them to build you a studio, improve sound where ever! He's your man! Most importantly hire him to be a part of your next record or video!

Without this man, there would be no ----->

Peace out,


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awww, you have very cool parents! :)
about 15 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
Congrats my man. I will def check out your band and friends show later this month. Sorry I couldn't be there for the opening. Best of luck with the album!
about 15 years ago
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wow, your hair stylist is pretty attractive....
about 15 years ago


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