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Albums - Looking Back

Ok its been a while since I've blogged about random stuff again... so here we go!

Just been browsing my itunes and thought I'd share my fav albums that have changed my life!!!

These Albums I could easily listen to from start to finish lying down by the beach and just chilaxing!!! Mannn... I need a holiday! Anyway!!!

Ok in no particular order...

Lets start with  one of my ultimate favourite bands of the 90's

Yeeeeeeeeah!!! AIC was one of the most original bands of the "Seattle/Grunge" era... The guitarist Jerry Cantrell was a god! His licks and song writing skills taught me the importance  of melody in songs... This album  rocked my socks off!!! RIP Layne Staley!!!

This album inspired me to pick up the guitar in the first place... Just this anger and angst coming out of the music... ESP the hidden track (@ 14:09) ... I remember people thinking it was some sort of ode to Satan.... wahahahahaha... RIP Kurt!

Ohh man this album brings back so many memories... Pure Class!!! Fav song is 'Black'... It was the beginning of the Pearl Jam reign in the 90's!

Wooooo I love how many songs are on this album... Not as many as Stadium but this album is Funk to the Max from beginning to the end... Another Guitar hero here for me... another melody man with an awesome touch to his guitar... Thank God they got John back... wasn't a big Navarro fan when he was in Chilli but I do love him in Jane's Addiction!

Ok now... to.. the British invasion.. starting with..... no other than...

One of the greatest of all greats of the greats... I love this album... mainly coz its a guitar based album and probably the best guitar album... and YES!!! OK COMPUTER is just a s good too... but man Johnny Greenwood was also crowned my hero after this album... Every Damn song is amazing on this album!!! This is a good guitar lesson album... loads of acoustic songs and  crazy electric guitar riffs

Ok why all 3?? OK first of all i never discovered this band.. truth is... my mother did.. she was watching tv and channel surfing and she saw this band on tv and she told me that I'd like them... I was like yeahyeahyeah mum.. what did she know... but funnily enough I was bored enough the next day at HMV and dug through the singles section and bumped into this CD (EP2) and took it to the counter for a quick listen.. a low and behold.. it blew my mind away...So yeah... Mother knows best...hahahha... immediately i shared this with Adrian.. and since then we became huge fans!!!! Then everyone else found out about them when the first album finally came out (Attack of the Grey Lantern)... These guys had such a unique sound.. you either loved it or hated it... Well then the second album came out (Six) and they came to HK... Adrian and I were in 'Cry' back then.. and we got to open for them... wow dream come true!! and meet them... niiiice niiice guys!

This album is the Second from Longpigs... but this is one of those albums you just have to listen form beginning to end... It becomes a very personal album... I became a big fan of the singer of Crispin Hunt... great voice... again,, unique... This album makes me smile and cry... personalpersonalpersonal.... beautiful songs!

This album was the album before they came out with 'Bittersweet Symphony'... This album was way underated... this album has so such a vibe.... i cant find the words to explain it... If your verve fan and dont have this album.. I'll slap you!

OLD classic suede was unforgettable... this album was the last from another guitar god of mine.. Bernard Butler... This album is reeeeeeeealll EMO for me... hahahahaha god i hate that word! Almost as band as ALTERNATIVE!!

Did you guys see them here in HK... these guys had something going on... but alas... the split up... First time i heard this guys voice I thought... wow its Liam Gallagher gone right! (sorry not a big Oasis fan).. great sounds.. if you think I have a lot of toys on stage.. you should see these guys!!! It's like 3 Johnny Greenwoods!!!!

This is the Best Muse Album in my books... I wasn't a big fan of them when they first started.. but one of my good friends kept pushing it on me and I gave in with this album came out!!!! It just tickled me!!!! great songs... the album after 'Absolution' was pretty good too... but i still go back to this one!!!

OK so there it is.. I'm pretty sure I"ve forgotten some.. I just cant find them sorry... But I guess you can see my 5 guitar heroes here....

Johnny Greenwood - Radiohead

Bernard Butler - Suede/ The Tears/ His own stuff...

Jerry Cantrell - Alice in Chains John Frusciante - Chilli Peppers

Matt Bellamy - MUSE <--- this dude has the best custom made guitars incl. one with Kaos pad!!!

http://www.mansonguitars.co.uk/Muse%20gallery/index.htm <--- Makes me cry!!!!



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its all about the PJ!
over 15 years ago
Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
I looooooooooooooove that Pearl Jam album... Brings back so many memories. By brother Shaun is really in to them now and actually went to their concert recently in Oz. Btw, have you watched Into The Wild? The music is by Eddie Vedder.
over 15 years ago
Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Have you seen There Will Blood? Jonny Greenwood did the score. It was perfect!
over 15 years ago
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great run on this one...memory lane baby...the last 2, i gotta go check them out!! OMG the gtrs..i dont think i've ever seen something like that..the built in kaoss pad.I hope am not saying it the worng way,coz its a sensitive matter..i better know what i'm talking about..but dang it looks good..A tear just came down my eye...looking at them gtrs..my goodness....
over 15 years ago


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