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Inspired Electronically

The last time I was super inspired by electronic music was when I saw Hybrid perform in 2001... They changed my whole perspective on electronic music.... They had a great performance of what looked like an electronic band... guys singing, sampling, DJing, keyboards guitars and a drummer on a semi electric kit... That drummer was nuts... I would have spontaneously exploded from drumming for that long constantly... This is the only video I could find on youtube that kinda illustrates what I mean

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofDZHii48rI

Well after that show I really got my head into gear and really started to further learn electronic music and it's possibilities... I got into drum loops and Synths and  more FX.... Another reason why I also perform with my Kaos Pad... I toyed with my Kaos pad (version 1) hours and days on end...and BTW I got a new one now...


It's sweeeeeeeet and sexy.... best of all the models....

Ok next inspiring electronic moment.... NIN!!!! What a great concert as I've said before in a previous blog entry... Well same thing again... It got me tingling to create again... My friend told me about how NIN released the multitrack files for a couple of their new songs so anyone can download them and play with them (check it out at http://yearzero.nin.com/) If you haven't noticed on my profile music player... I just recently finished my remix of one of my favourite songs from the new album... THE BEGINNING OF THE END... I kinda thought of putting more FX and Delays on Trent's vocals but I loved the way he sang it already... It was a tough decision...

I thought that was a great idea being able to download and play!!! It also connects with their fans and audience on another sweet level...

I'm really happy that Radiohead and NIN are record label free... I think record companies are not really needed anymore... unless they have a new working aspect... Since we are now at a new age where Album sales aren't necessarily a priority... Seems like most of the income comes from shows... which is great coz I have a passion for playing live!!!

Show me da money!!! I'm kiddin.... or am i? hahahha... I love playing live... best drug on earth!!!

If you are reading this and are interested in learning the ways of recording, editing and mixing at home then... get yourself some nice software.... CUBASE, LOGIC, PROTOOLS, ABLETON LIVE, COOLEDIT, GARAGEBAND, DIGITAL PERFORMER... whatever!!! the choice is yours... I got me Ableton Live 6.... loving it... very easy to use and I love recording and editing my ideas on it... very fast and simple and sounds great.... I do my Audiotraffic (and AudioDax) demos and other random stuff on it... I also love protools but I aint got the cash for that baby yet... Apparently Logic has gone cheaper too.... niiice.... Perhaps my next purchase when the next huge pay check comes in (crosses fingers)

Ohhhh yeaah!!!!! My very very close dear like sister friend is  also a great  dance producer... please check her and her work out at http://www.myspace.com/janetteslack She too did a NIN remix of 'Hand that feeds' way before I did mine... It rocks!!!!

And her official page... www.janetteslack.com

I'm so proud of her!!!!!

Well I hope you have enjoyed this entry and my remixed song....

Stay tuned for more babble from me....


P.S oooooooooooh yeaaah... Audiotraffic will also be playing 2 shows at the carvern... on the 10th NOV as a guest for the Worldbattleofthebands HK final and 17th NOV for Underground

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I went to your dear sister's website and i really like her music. It has mysterious touch to it! Thanks! Your song's good too! Do you have a song that you work together with your sister? I'm sure many people will look forward to that.
over 16 years ago
Doryuk 63 doryuk
hey don, i was at the NIN gig also, was standing behind the mixing desk watching the mad lights engineer thrashing himself. great to see the crew get into the music. don't see that too much in hk.
over 16 years ago


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