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MKGFH ohhh yeah!!!

My current nickname in Josie's Band is....


Pretty funny nick and I totally live by it too!!! Check it out! Josie and Conroy got me hooked into guitar hero 2 and so I found myself purchasing the game.  Great classic tunes on it and all my friends (girls included) were blown away by how much fun it was... ADDICTION started!!!

So...Yesterday I was out shopping like a mad woman and amongst the other things I bought... I got myself the new GUITAR HERO 3!!!! Sweeeetass... This time you get the more classic songs!!! And you battle other 'legendary' guiatrists... I had a quick play last night and I had to battle Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave) Funny shit! I'm waiting for Slash though... There's also more mastered versions of the songs on it rather than cover versions on the old version....

And best bit.... you get a wireless guitar to play the game with... check it out!!!

Guitar Hero 2 guitar                                             Guitar Hero 3 (wireless)

BTW I hope you guys are checking out the cruisers videos with Dan, Terrance and Andrew and Conroy... I did some tunes for the Andrew  one and the Dan one.... Find your true colour... I think the AnD boys are a big fans of the 'Cruiser' drink... esp... the blue one... or was it pink?...



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do they make a nintendo DS version? :-P
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cool, i'll check it out. after i wrote that comment i looked up the wikipedia on guitar hero, they're apparently working on a NDS version that come w/ some kind of new guitar accessory to play with...
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Yo...will sort myself XBox Livey soon...just moved flats. Should be fixed up by end of the week (I hope!) Lovin the COD...sweet ass! Me and D-rock were huge addicts of the 3rd one...he'll be lovin this stuff when he gets back from NYC... Saw the list for GH3!! Sick!! Chat soon yo...perhaps in an online session (that just sounds so geeky!) *fixes glasses with index finger* Peace!
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Nice nickname... haha.. that's what Dax referred to you as too.
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Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
Dude make sure you go on xbox live and purchase more tunes. I'm waiting for the day your band is on guitar hero 10. Then I might challenge you.
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