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djing saturday

Well – too much going on these days – thanks to everyone who sent me messages over the holidays ... all the good wishes coming boomin' back atcha! I was partly working my ass off, partly drinking myself to death and partly getting killed online in Halo 3. Unless I fought against Simon Birch who sucks so bad my godson & I had to design games in his favor. Like the leader has no shields, no speed, no ammunition, no guns, no pulse and yet even then Simon only beat us 25 kills to 24 & 24. Dude you may rock at painting & Japanese stick fighting, but you sure suck at Halo!

Anyhow, I'll be venting some more pressure tomorrow night at Yumla with a DJ set alongside my girl Wendy Wenn on Saturday ... finally got my clubbing mojo back after spending most of 2008 off the decks. Wendy, on the other hand never lost her mojo and spent the whole year getting better and better ... I just need to figure out where my ability snuck off to while I had my back turned. We're playing 10PM until 5AM ... it'll be dirty tech-house.

In the meantime – big shout out to the lads at 24 Herbs on the forthcoming album release.

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i haven't tried halo 3 yet... we used to play the first two a lot back in the day...
over 16 years ago
Simonbirch 4e simonbirch
hardee har. get ready for an ass kicking. i am going into serious halo training mode for the next week. anyway, a win is a win. you know full well we all had the same settings for that game. sour grapes my friend. now if you want to see someone who's really shit at something, there's a fat man playing at yumla tonight......
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ok, definitely we need to try a good group deathmatch! (so i can watch Simon's Rocky IV like training regime pay off in person, if for no other reason...)
over 16 years ago
Photo 40034
...you've been in hiding lately... honing your skills perhaps?? :P
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