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NIN Ghosts I-IV

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture. Or words to that effect. So I will not spend too long mentioning the new 36 track instrumental release from Nine Inch Nails apart from saying quickly: "it's really interesting and I like it." In places it does sound like an overly elaborate studio sample CD but the fact & how it came about both make-up for any musical short-comings. It has been the backing music to my days since I picked it up; think the meandering greatness of early The Orb ('s Adventures in the Underworld) but run thru some serious distortion pedals. www.nin.com Ghosts I-IVSo check it out - and BUY A COPY FROM THE WEBSITE while you're at it. Comes in a variety of flavours from US$5 up to US$300 and interestingly (for the future) it's distributed under a Creative Commons license. Nice one guys ... I hope more artists follow suit.CreativeCommons

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$300 limited edition sold out!!! Grrrrrr
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