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So I know this event already happened several weeks ago and has been blogged about multiple times....BUT I have an excuse!  Immediately after this event (on the same day in fact) I was on a plane to Korea for a week!  Then when I got back I was swamped with work trying to meet a Nov. 1st deadline!SO....I'm gonna blog about it now  For those who don't know, "Flugtag" means "Flight Day" in german, and that's exactly what all the contestants do.  They build a crazy contraption and "attempt to fly".This event is super popular in Europe and the U.S. but this is the first time they are doing it in Asia and its cool that they chose Hong Kong as the place to do it!  The location was the newly renovated West Kowloon Cultural District.Myself and the crew were representing the official ALIVENOTDEAD team, so we had to make sure we left a big impression!#CONSTRUCTION PHASE The brains behind this operation was Raffi a.k.a Etchy. He was our certified engineer and was left with the task of scientifically designing this plane to perfection.  Raffi decided on bamboo as our material of choice because it was sturdy, used by hong kong building workers for decades, was affordable (CHEAP) and would apparently float on water.The ICC's ominous glowing middle-fingered giving its support as the work went well into the night.Finally the beast was ready to leave its lair and breathe fresh air![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060021227.thumb.jpg)Basking in the light of the Hong Kong skyline, the beast looked out at its competition and the place where it would spread its wings for all to see.With steely determination, our team prepared for the trying day that was to come.#FLIGHT PHASE The day had come!  Now it was the time to see if mere men could fly like the birds![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_2010110600212210.thumb.jpg)Our theme was "LOST" and Simon, Vince and myself all dressed up in Dharma Initiative jumpsuits.Our fearless pilot and fourth member, Gloriana, drank some Red Bull to calm her nerves![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060023092.thumb.jpg)One of our sponsors, Jonathan from "ThisMusicStudio", checked out the plane.The man with the plan, Raffi, doing last minute checks and giving his approval.One last pose before we headed off![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060023099.thumb.jpg)Security was tight, as the crowds rushed to get the best view.Even the Na'vi wanted in, but its probably unfair since they can organically fuse with their flying devices![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060026588.thumb.jpg)Suddenly we were rushed by a gaggle of Marilyns![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060026589.thumb.jpg)Although I think one of them looked a lot like JESSICA C.The DJ booth was under the huge display screen.The judges were on the water, watching from a boat with the best view![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_2010110600230910.thumb.jpg)We had plenty of support and help from Jae and Sean......as well as the SUPERCAPITALIST TEAM......and even LISA S.![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_2010110600334510.thumb.jpg)...which also did not go unnoticed  The flight crew stood ready as it was finally time for the teams to go up.The stage was set![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060033451.thumb.jpg)Reebok's team was one of the more anticipated ones because they apparently spent a lot of money on their plane and had a lot of resources available.....AND they had CHRISSIE CHAU![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060033452.thumb.jpg)At long last it was our turn to go next![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060036163.thumb.jpg)Let's show them what we got![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060036162.thumb.jpg)Gloriana having second thoughts......but she quickly overcame her fears with a little stripping =)One last product placement pitch![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060036168.thumb.jpg)Gloriana strapping in![](/attachments/2010/11/06/00/61114_201011060058504.thumb.jpg)##...and HERE WE GO! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJUDSnZimiM In the end, we tied for 3rd and won best performance!  This was a very fun experience and I am totally looking forward to next year's!  Gonna start designing the plane NOW!Thanks to Joyce Yung and Dennis Lo for the awesome photos!

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Photo 93921
Awesome write up man! Looks like great fun and experience! :)
over 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
it does look like her... is it?
over 10 years ago
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fly my beauty!
over 10 years ago
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its our favorite guy! :-P
over 10 years ago
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I was giving a thumbs up in response to the question of "can someone die in this?"
over 10 years ago
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and it almost went straight too!
over 10 years ago
over 10 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
is this a dude?
over 10 years ago
Photo 61114
This is the REAL JESSICA C....definitely NOT A DUDE =)
over 10 years ago
Photo 31055
How does this feel sitting on top of the world Raffi :-) Just kidding...cool pic though.
over 10 years ago
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