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Projects revealed in 2014 and "Wing Chun" strikes over 1 million!

A long absent from Alive not Dead, mainly preoccupied with work and various events in my life, but I hope all is good and well with each and everyone of you AnD'ers out there and you are all having a splendid 2014 thus far!Here's a quick rundown on various projects I've been involved in and other things going on in my life the past year:Chinese triads and Russia Mafia battles power in Hong KongRead more

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"Wing Chun" Documentary Film

I am pleas ed to an nounce that a recent project I have been involved in, the documentary film titled , has finally completed post-produc tion and will be re lea sed very soon.

The project was financed by Hong Kong entrep reneur, Vi ncent Lo Hong-Shui.  A s a practitione r of the art of Wing Chun himself and also the grand student of the legendary Ip Man, in m aking t...Read more

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"Carnage" in Hong Kong!!!

Greetings AnD'ers, and Happy Ch ung Yeung Festival to all my dear friends in Hong Kong and across Asia!!

It's been quite a while since I have posted on AnD , so I thought I'd kic k things off with a bit of in Hong Kong...!!![](/attachments/2012/10/23/13/93921_201210231337061.thumb.jpg)

Back in August , I had the pleasure to meet up and work with my friend and fellow AnD artist, the young talented Read more

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Sifu Paul Chan R.I.P.

It has been quite some time since my last posting on AnD.  Due to work and other commitments, and various happenings in my life, I have neglected my page for quite a while and indeed will require an update soon....

However, my latest posting is unfortunately to share the sad news of the recent passing of the great legendary Sifu Paul Chan.

Grandmaster Paul Chan, who is listed in Can...Read more

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Singapore Galore!

Well Christmas came and gone, I hope all my friends and fellow AnD'ers had a lovely festive holiday with their family and loved ones!! 

I have been pretty busy with the run up to Christmas, so this blog is a little later than expected.  Since I have been doing some drama teaching at various schools around Hong Kong, having to deal with up to 30 to 50 students (who's first language is not English) can be pretty taxing work at times.  So the Christmas holiday was much welcomed, and ...Read more

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Journey through Movember....

So November flew by at a glance and we are already couple days shy from Christmas.  I suppose I owe it to my supporters and those generous enough to have sponsored me during my Movember madness to provide an account (and evidence!) of my attempt of growing a mustache for the charitable cause....

Without further adieu, you shall find the various stages of the (somewhat) growth and progress of my facial hair ....Read more

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Remember, remember, the month of Movember....

Hello to all my fellow AnD'er!!!    Hope everyone has been keeping good and well during my hiatus.  I've been missing in action for quite some time now on AnD, and theres evidence here that might even suggest I am somewhat worse for wear.....  

No - I haven't become ho...Read more

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Linda Chung's "If You Want Me" - Behind the Scenes MV shoot

Anotherbelatedblog for festive greetings,but I sincerely hope everyone had a fabulous Lunar New Year!  May the Year of theBunnybe a most pleasant and prosperous one for each and all!!!  

2011 marks only my second time (best to my knowledge as an adult and during my teenage years) to have celebrated Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.  It was a nice,busy and eventful one. Besides the usual celebrations that goes on with family relatives an...Read more

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Kicking off 2011 with a bang! - Action Choreography Showeel

I know we are almost two weeks into the New Year already,but I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my fellow AnD-ers......

A most awesome 2011 filled with joy, good health and prosperity!!!  May all your dreams come true to each and every one of you!!!  So as post-production to the long awaited Kung Fu action comedy short film, Cribof Deathdraws closer to completion, while I'mbustling here in Hong Kong I thought I'd take the o...Read more

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The following video depicts my life in Hong Kong so far....................  Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a43gza2Gog4

Video: http://vimeo.com/17800740

Hehehe.....  I do jest........ 

I recently took part in an experimental film, Anguish created by Edwin Lee, shot on a Canon 7D with Rath...Read more

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