Gloria Wong

Happy 5th anni alivenotdead

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肇慶力索俱樂部 20-4-2012.


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Love Vans..:)

Thank for the Vans

this is the boy size tee ...I cut it and become a girl one piece thing

sexy one piece Vans ..heeeheee,,,,sexy me

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I-cable interview

will be out on next monday !

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Happy Halloween 2011..Love deadnotalive party so much

me and Steve Jobs in the newspaper.. I love Halloween alot coz I love cosplay ..keke

and u can wear anything in the street and people wont look strange on you and dressed up anything you like deadnotalive party every year coz there are alot of creative people dressed up so nice and many friends were there ..

i m bunny rabit girl ..hey yo

2 sexy with jeana

with my gf cupid - bunny

steve job is very famous tonite ...

joe and my hot gfs

then heading to Macau another Halloween at cubic -Nelly

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Did you watch me on TV today?

Monday to Friday starts at 9:00pm- 10pm

do i look different on the TV

Coz it was 8 years ago me

haha..finally ATV bought this and this is the first time to shown on TV...


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Hello Mongolia again ..

Hello Mongolia :)

Mongolia is very cold in the morning and nite and very hot in the afternoon

Its cold like winter at nite...

they welcome me to cut the Lamb at the dinner

actually I dun eat Lamb

and they are alcoholic

they drink alot of Mongolia alcohol

and it smells very strong and it burn ur stomach


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hello china -:( Dalin

Dalin is even colder ..11'c

I m so uhappy...coz I lost my money in the last day

the flight from  Dalin to SZ ..I put my money in the luggage and arrive Shenzhen ..the money in the luggage is gone..I put the money inside the big envelop and I dint have a lock in my luaggage..

Dalin seafood is very nice but my hk people told me that china water maybe not clean ...I m very worried now ..hope bad luck leave me


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