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A Rapper's Dream Car|說唱歌手的夢幻車|说唱歌手的梦幻车

Have you ever watched MTV Cribs? If you do watch the show I'm sure you've noticed that without fail every rapper or baller has some type of Scarface(if you don't know this movie, you better, it's Al Pacino's best work) memorabilia in the house. It's a funny sterotype but one that is totally understood because the idea that you can come from nothing and become a King is what most rappers who grew up in the ghetto and then become superstars always dreamed about. Well I was riding in my car the ...Read more

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Youtube mashup!|Youtube合混音!|Youtube合溷音!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIl4LkHYRkg I remember back in 2003 or 2004 I had to opportunity to see DJ Shadow's live show in Barcelona. For the encore, he took video footage of a drummer and live mixed it right there in front of us. He had a control box that had different things assigned to each button, so if he hit one button the kick drum would go and the corresponding image of a guy stomping the kick drum would show on the ...Read more

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24 Herbs- Bring It On|廿四味 - Bring It On|廿四味 - Bring It On

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R6VbB-8XK8http://v.youku.com/vshow/idXMjUzMjI5Mzg0.htmlCheck out 24 Herbs next single Bring It On. This is the song I played bass to for the MOOV live concert. Speaking as an athlete, this song gives me a good motivational push in the gym. I listen to it when I run. The fighter is my good friend Henry. I...Read more

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Japan Tsunami such a tragedy....|日本海嘯﹐這麼悲慘的災禍....|日本海啸﹐这麽悲惨的灾祸....|日本の津波、この悲劇

I've always been a lover of art and I always loved looking at these Classic Japanese paintings of tsunamis. I used to always think that the paintings were exaggerations of what a real tsunami would be. However, after having been glued to the tv and pouring over internet videos of this terrible earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Japan I ...Read more

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QQ Weibo Clarification|QQ微博澄清|QQ微博澄清

OK guys, I want to clarify what this QQ Weibo account is about. I'm not a Twitter/Weibo type of person. I really don't feel limiting myself to 140 characters or less is a good form of self expression and I truly feel that will affect the way I write in the future. This is why you've never seen me use things like LOL, LMAO etc etc. I like to write the way I was taught, properly, at 36 years old it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Twitter/Weibo and texting has taught us really bad writing habits and I ...Read more

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Official QQ Weibo|我惟一的微博用戶|我惟一的微博用户|Official QQ Weibo

alivenotdead.com and QQ Weibo have started a new partnership, so I've officially opened my first and only Weibo account on QQ's weibo.  Please keep up to date with me and my blog at both t.qq.com/wuyanzu and Read more

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Moscow Dogs|莫斯科的狗|莫斯科的狗|モスクワ犬

I love dogs. My sister found this article about dogs in Moscow. Smart little buggers. I wish I could train my Bulldog to take the MTR into town and pick me up some food.Moscow Dogs Dogs are allowed on public transport in all of Europe, but generally with their master.  This is even more interesting.Canine commuter  ...Wild  dog  waits on the  platform!!STRAY dogs are commuting to and fr...Read more

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Eric Haze

I grew up along with the development of Street Culture and Eric Haze was the pioneering designer who helped bring the Art of street culture to the world stage. Starting of as a graffiti artist in the early 80's, Haze helped develop a style that is still growing strong today.He even designed the 24 Herbs logo. How lucky the 24HErbs guys are to have the guy who designed the Beastie Boys albums! Below is a little d...Read more

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This is awesome|這很棒|这很棒|凄いよ

Many many blogs ago I posted a video of those amazing sculptures/creatures walking down a beach that run on wind power. Now they've been shrunk down and modified to run on hamster power. If you want to make your own go here. If you're not a member of PETA, this is awesome.

Video: Read more

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Hello Mr. Eagle!|鷹哥哥﹐你好!|鹰哥哥﹐你好!|鷹さんこんにちわ!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gZdBJYwaGg Ever since I've been in Hong Kong I've noticed the eagle/kite/hawks(does anyone know what they are? because in Chinese it's all the same "ying") that circle around the city. There's a spot on the peak where I've seen over a hundred flying in circles together. In all this time however, I've never seen one up close. That is until this guy showed up on the window ...Read more

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