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Bravo to @Emily_Beecham and Ally Ionnides on an amazing fight! #intothebadlands #colormebadlands #amc

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I imagine this is what my daughter and wife will go through when she's a teenager #intothebadlands #colormebadlands #amc

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RT @im_nueljr: Quinn played his character well you can possibly think that he can even run for president #IntoTheBadlands

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RT @mandapants1013: Fuck... I wanted Tildessa to be a thing... but now that I'm seeing odessa's true colors... maybe I'm pro Tilda & MK. #I…

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It's part of the Badlands "Sunny" collection. https://t.co/g6FiZwlj4c

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One more episode and one more outfit to go. #colormebadlands #Intothebadlands https://t.co/iBaJMRm0Oz

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Cracked a rib last season. https://t.co/YaFeWNFgjq

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RT @wynonajuggs32: Badlands deserves some Emmy love! It is visually stunning and beautifully written! #colormebadlands @IntotheBadlands @da…

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RT @ShanelleLittle: Daddy is coming sir Henry Cheeks.... #Intothebadlands https://t.co/sU0Ga23H4A

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I sprained my knee on this sequence #intothebadlands #colormebadlands #amc

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