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Sorry I know this Is gruesome but I wanted to showcase some of the amazing special effects make up that #teambadlands created for #intothebadlands #season2 . That's Bao Liang, core member of our stunt team he was one of the guys that took a beating from Mouse in last weeks episode. #amc

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RT @EWlive: Get ready for a jam packed #LADaily! @danielwuyanzu is here, #LaurenceFishburne, and @dreamcarmusic! Also we're talking a new #…

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RT @KyleAEW: Laurence Fishburne on @BronzevilleShow. @danielwuyanzu on @IntotheBadlands. Davey & Tony from @dreamcarmusic. All on #LADaily…

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RT @juliacunningham: Fun LA Daily today with @danielwuyanzu from #IntoTheBadlands + #LaurenceFishburne (I know!) + @dreamcarmusic! @EWlive…

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Here at the SiriusXM studios to do an interview about #intothebadlands #season2 Check out LA DAILY ch.105 @EWlive #LADaily

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If you didn't know already there is a #intothebadlands game available on the App Store now. Want to be just like Sunny and kick some ass? Download it now!

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RT @TVMoJoe: INTO THE BADLANDS returns with 3.4M viewers. Among A18-49: 1.4 rating, beating every scripted show on b'cast Sunday night

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If you are in Los Angeles, check out @simonbirchman art show @the14thfactory . Taking over an old industrial warehouse It is one of the biggest shows Los Angeles has ever seen. Make sure you check it out! #art #losangeles I was there today and it was amazing!

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. @bigmikeleeder @andycheng23 @IntotheBadlands Thanks Big Mike!

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. @CarrieCnh12 not easy I can tell you that. I smashed my lip on it.

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