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@ManMadeMoon Oh wait I thought you were talking about Ireland.

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@ManMadeMoon Only if you direct a couple episodes!

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Doing a reality show in China now called Beautiful Home 漂亮的房子 where I take this team of youngsters to four different rural villages in China to redesign traditional homes with a modern twist. Here we are at the pier waiting for our boat to Hua Liao Island. That's @fungblackandwhite and me in black.

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Just won this auction on Japan Yahoo. It's a brand new old stock super sonic grill made for the bluebird SSS 510 model. Now it's going on #TheTantō !

TheTantō #datsun510 #datsun #dime #jdm #BayDM #sema2017 #semabound #restomod #troyermish #ogdatsun

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@adamcarolla Hey Man, I am building a #510 for #SEMA do you happen to have an extra tachometer lying around you want to sell me?

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RT @JoeOtterson: #IntoTheBadlands is officially a top 10 cable show. Congrats to @danielwuyanzu, @nickjfrost, @Emily_Beecham, and everyone…

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Then I think it's time to go back to Ireland! https://t.co/Bea9Bq2Nwg

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My good friend @dayyan5 new film Wished drops 6.30.2017. I can't believe it's been 7 years since we worked on Inseparable together. Watch for my short but sweet cameo! #Repost @dayyan5 with @repostapp ・・・

反转人生 新物料 #Wished

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My good friend dayyan5 new film Wished drops 6.30.2017. I can't believe it's been 7 years since… https://t.co/FmYskD56tP

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RT @PaddyHoyne: Some of our team working on the final scene of #IntoTheBadlands season 2 @garrettryan @xkateaungierx #setbuilding #propmaki…

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