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Body work getting close to done! #Repost @baydm (@getrepost) ・・・ Awesome progress getting done on the @thatdanielwu Datsun 510 Tantó over at @autoglowsj @benshamlou . Crazy to think this car will be fully painted and back to #510partsoutlet #ermishracing @datsun510queen ready for reassembly by the end of the month. Sema 2017 or bust!! It's go time!! #datsun #datsun510 #baydm #510partsoutlet #ermishracing #autoglowsj #jdm #speedhunter #petrolicious #bayarea #sema2017 #intothebadlands #danielwu #bodyandpaint #sanjosebodyshop #keepitbayarea #classicjdm #vint...Read more

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Tantō update. That's me and @ser_grams talking to Andrew at Stitch on Wheels Upholstery about what we want to do with the interior. You saw the houndstooth front seats in a previous post. Here we are talking about carry that Porsche RS theme throughout the interior. I opted to keep the rear seats because I want my family to be able ride in the car with me. Because of that I had to give up a full rollcage and do a rollover bar instead. Family comes first! I love Andrew's logo btw. Also notice we are keeping most of the work done on this car in the 510 area code...Read more

Tantō update. That's me and ser_grams talking to Andrew at Stitch on Wheels Upholstery about… https://t.co/ier5DrfZzr

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Live from Lisboa, shooting 🎥 with @thatdanielwu for an exciting secret project! Stay tuned for more 🔥🔥🔥

lorealmen #secretproject #menexpert #shooting #aheadofthegame

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・・・ Live from Lisboa, shooting 🎥 with @danielwuyanzu for an… https://t.co/r1Qi5p49pr

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Met up with Wes Garcia from @megadeluxe and @megadeluxe store to pick up my new old school Datsun hat. Check out his store. He collects old patches and can put them on any style of hat you want. He also has exquisite taste in cars and motorcycles. So if you are into that stuff give him a follow!

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Ok had to remove the last post but here is a replacement picture and the copy from the last post: Just wrapped shooting the Loreal Men's Expert commercial here in Lisbon, Portugal. Proud to have been their spokesperson for the past 9 years! #loreal #lorealmen @lorealmen #lorealmensexpert

In Hollywood, Asian American actors see few lead roles, and pay discrepancies when they land one https://t.co/TIdK14e4ur

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RT @MorganicInk: Hey @latimes, FYI not only does #IntoTheBadlands have an Asian American lead, but @danielwuyanzu is also one of our badass…

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RT @MilesMillar: How is it possible that "Into The Badlands" gets zero mention? We are a top 10 cable show. Shame on LA Times. https://t.…

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