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Jet Li is one of the reasons why I started learning martial arts. I saw his first movie Shaolin Temple when I was seven years old and was hooked. So when Jetli.com asked me to do an interview for the relaunch of their site of course I said yes. #jetli #shaolintemple #IntotheBadlands #amc #colormebadlands

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Of course the wifey is here too. #warriors #warriorsground #dubnation #nba #nbaplayoffs #playoffs

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At game 2 round 3 of the playoffs with my buddy and fantasy league pal @jeraldban who flew down from Canadia for this. Go Warriors! #warriors #dubnation #warriorsground #nba #playoffs #nbaplayoffs

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This month's Esquire Hong Kong. A little over a year ago I did their cover shoot in San Francisco this one was shot in Cape Town, South Africa while I was filming #tombraider . The locations are so beautiful! #esquirehk #esquire

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Just wait till you see what happens in the season finale! #Intothebadlands #colormebadlands #amc https://t.co/d0GtIyvpIg

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Maybe. I did take 6 years of it but it's terrible now. I can understand %75? https://t.co/sqIPnY2LTz

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Uh sorry, I am not. Please don't drag me into this. https://t.co/HUotYrEvyQ

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@WillSoong No prob!

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RT @Jetcitygirl1: @IntotheBadlands @danielwuyanzu Just finished #IntoTheBadlands ep 9 and DAMMNNNNN!!!! What in the spectacular hell?? 😱😱 #…

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RT @TheNerdsofColor: Omg... This episode.

Intothebadlands #colormebadlands @IntotheBadlands https://t.co/XeUckJAqau

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