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Happy Mother's Day although I don't think it will be a happy one for Veil until Sunny comes back. Will he make it back to her tonight? Make sure to watch episode 9 of #intothebadlands tonight! #amc

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100% agreed. I knew nothing about that movie until now. I never endorsed that at all. https://t.co/RUuHd0IOj3

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Chaos as usual in the Badlands. New alliances are formed and old bonds are broken. Remember to watch #episode9 tonight! Just two more episodes left! #Repost @intothebadlandsamc with @repostapp ・・・ Tilda and the Widow face off this Sunday. #IntotheBadlands

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What's next for Sunny? Make sure to check out #intothebadlands #episode9 tomorrow night on #amc ! #season2

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Early morning track day. My first track day in ten years! Got my Focus RS just for this purpose. #trackday #hookedondriving #thunderhillracetrack #ford #focusrs

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Off to get media blasted! #thetantō #datsun510 #jdb #datsun #sema #sema2017bound #troyermish #BayDM

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Wow! I am delighted by the response to #thetantō build! Here are some more pics of the car completely stripped. Old parts going out and a pile of new parts going in. I was trained as an architect so designing and building no matter what it is excites me. Next step, Troy will be building the rollcage, actually roll bar( I still want to be able to put my kid in the back seat so I opted out of the full roll cage). #datsun #datsun510 #bayDM #jdm #custombuild #restomod #troyermishracing #sema2017bound #sema

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So a few weeks ago I made the decision to make a teenage dream come true. I have been in love with the Datsun 510 since I rode in a hot rodded one when I was 14. I am an undercover gearhead and kind of addicted to car build tv shows. So for the past few years I have been building up the gumption to start a project of my own. So a few weeks ago I found this 1972 510 in Utah and had it shipped to California to begin a massive JDM style restomod. It will be called The Tantō after the short sword carried by samurai. The name is appropriate not only because this is a Japan...Read more

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Been there, done that! https://t.co/J4PDDv7F1u

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Ruth is just amazing in it. Love her of #Preacher too. https://t.co/ZB7uxf4j4V

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