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Just wrapped shooting the Loreal Men's Expert commercial here in Lisbon, Portugal. Proud to have been their spokesperson for the past 9 years! #loreal #lorealmen @lorealmen #lorealmensexpert

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No way, If they treated him and Grace like that. Can't believe they had no backend for 7 years of service. https://t.co/gO8r7QMKL3

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I know a lot of you spotted me in the Geostorm trailer in theaters. Here it is just in case you haven't. #Repost @geostormmovie (@get_repost) ・・・ On October 20, the world will be taken by storm. Watch the full Official #Geostorm Trailer now. Link in bio.

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Barely recovered from my mega roadtrip and now on a plane to Portugal for 24 hours of work. Since January I have been to South Africa, all over China, all over the States. In two weeks I will be back in China and in less than a month I will be back in Ireland for #season3 of #intothebadlands . I had a meaningful conversation earlier this year with a 77 year old man who had never been more than 300k from his rural Chinese village. Never been on a plane, train or boat. Never seen the ocean but he was happy. So no matter how tiring and crazy all this travel has been for ...Read more

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Happy for my bro Dayyan Eng on his movie #wished! https://t.co/kVb2NPzX2h

3200 miles driven in 9 days. What a road trip! Took my 89 year old Dad and two nephews on a boys trip. 3 generations of us traveled through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. It was a tough trip but we all survived and the most important thing was we came out of it with a bunch of great memories. That's all you can really ask for. Despite all the ugly politics going on in this country right now, this trip reminded me about how beautiful this country is! #roadtripping #rv #rvlife #grandcanyon #petrifiedforest #archesnationalpark #yellowstonenational...Read more

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RT @DJKENLA: This is how much I LOVE #IntoTheBadlands #Iphone7+ @MilesMillar @IntotheBadlands @TheRealAlGough @danielwuyanzu @AramisKnight8…

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It snowed in Lake Tahoe three weeks ago. https://t.co/85AX0Av2RG

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RT @stephengfung: Shanghai Film Festival promoting The Adventurers https://t.co/iehVTqb8Oo

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Need help! Does anyone have REAL Watanabe wheels? I need two 15x8 and two 15x9! Tried to order direct from Watanabe but it will take 3-5 months to arrive which will be too late for SEMA. Can anyone help? No imitations please! #TheTantō #datsun510 #datsun #dime #jdm #BayDM #sema2017 #semabound #restomod #troyermish #ogdatsun

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July 27, 2005