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The cray cray has gone too far. #colormebadlands https://t.co/OOt9omjJQP

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Oh it's about to go down! #intothebadlands #season2 #seasonfinale #amc #colormebadlands

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The season finale starts in less than 30 minutes for the East Coast. I'love be live tweeting from Hong Kong on my twitter account: danielwuyanzu . I may not be able to watch depending on my Sling box so if you have any questions about this season fire away! I will do my best to get to them all. #intothebadlands #season2 #colormebadlands #amc #seasonfinale #colormebadlands

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Are you ready for a battle royale tomorrow night! #intothebadlands #season2 #amc #colormebadlands @amc_tv @intothebadlandsamc

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Winter is coming...to The Badlands! Don't miss tonight's season finale In less than 24 hours! Quinn, I'm coming for you! #intothebadlands #season2 #seasonfinale #amc #colormebadlands

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RT @stephengfung: You ready for the final showdown? #IntoTheBadlands #ColorMeBadlands @danielwuyanzu @TheRealAlGough @IntotheBadlands @Badl…

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Bam! 5 Reasons ‘Into the Badlands’ Is Unlike Anything Else on TV (Exclusive Video) https://t.co/6ESZioIdKM via @variety

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The season finale of #intothebadlands #season2 is coming this Sunday! Don't miss it! I just want to take a moment to recognize our cast for the amazing work they did this season. All of them made this season so great. For the ones that died I am going to miss you dearly but remember you are always always always part of the family! Take some time a flip through this year book. I also want to thank the audience, new and old, for supporting us and helping us get that season 3! We make this show for you and the love you have shown us has been incredible. We promise to...Read more

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July 27, 2005