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I have listened to @TheVandals since I was in highschool but tonight was the first time I have seen them live. Chec… https://t.co/Ssio12Z7X8

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Driving #thetantō behind the teamgalag #batmobile while leaving #montereycarweek2018 with a pack of supercars on th… https://t.co/4QIztQkRlo

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Driving #thetantō behind the @teamgalag #batmobile while leaving #montereycarweek2018 with a pack of supercars on the way to @canepamotorsport almost made up for not being able to drive the parade at #lagunaseca . I love the shot of me from the rear view camera in the cockpit of the batmobile!

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So while I was out in the paddocks at Laguna Seca checking out these cool race Datsuns, I missed the registration time for the Datsun parade lap and was unable to take the Tantō onto the track. ?. #bummer

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Hong Qi! Nice to see a true Chinese car representing at the #concoursdelegance #pebblebeach

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Batmobile! #montereycarweek #concoursedelegance #pebblebeach

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Some things I saw today in no particular order. #TheQuail #montereycarweek #concoursedelegance

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Welcome to Monterey Car week! #italianstampede #concoursedelegance

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What do you do when you tires are almost dead? Kill them with some donuts and drifting! (Safely) wish I had some video to show but the GoPro wasn’t functioning properly and only took pictures. #FordFocusRS

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Season 3 of #SkylandersAcademy is premiering Friday, September 28 on Netflix! Follow @Skylanders for more updates on this awesome new season and look out for my character King P!

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