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Hun Yuan Taiji Quan Announcements

Some very exciting developments in the World of Taiji.  Of my many teachers, Feng Zhi Qiang is one of the most famous in China, he is one of the last of China's Living Treasures, the last of the 18 Generation of Chen Taiji and the creator of his own Hun Yuan Liu He Chen Taiji Quan.  He incorporated Hsing-i, Bagua, Tungbei, praying antis and other styles into the Chen Taiji, and corrected many of the faults of Chen Taiji.  That would take some time to discuss, perhaps one of these days.  On March 6, his daughter Feng Xiuq...Read more

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Ox Bow Public Market and Chinese New Years

CNY is a time to see old friends and enjoy gfood food.  Practice hard and refuel your Qi with good food!!  Jitlada is one of my favorite Thai Resturants.  So my morning Tai Chi Class had a small celebration there.

Michel(in the center) invitied everyone to celebrate CNY with him.

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Chinese New Years and other things

Chinese New Years is in full swing.......been Lion Dancing and performing all over the Bay Area.  I have been out with my long time student Corey of the Kei Lun Martial Arts School.

Some of Corey's young Kei Lun Lion dancers at a wedding in South bay.

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Happy Holidays

Just wanted to wish everybody Happy Holidays, and here's hoping 2011 will be a much better year!  Best of Luck to everyone. Looks like the economy might be making a slight comeback.....lots of lion dancing in the new year...anyway here's hope in the future!

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Shaolin and other things

Had a good workout....had the young wushu students worked on Tan Tui.......they were very together...and starting to show some power....that's why it was the standard training for students in Jing Wu...at one time was also the basics for Contemporary Wushu students........in the late 80's and early 90's.....the wushu Coaches cut it out of their training program....they wanted quic\ker results....you are suppose to turn out an advance wushu player in two years....if the student doesn't make the grade....they are gone. ...Read more

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Go Giants

No, not the giants of old but of San Francisco!  They apply Gung-fu every game....using only the minimum amount of effort to get the maximum effect....win!!  Ha ha...and they call it torture......yeah nail biting but always compelling!  They turn their opponent's mistakes into runs....and generate their own when they need it...truly an economy of motion!  Anyways best of luck to them....World Series all the way!

And as the Thing use to say enuf said!!

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Real Kung-fu?

Last Sunday, we had a special treat a Qigong Master from Japan gave a demonstration of esoteric Qigong and Martial /arts.  Afterwards, many students came up to ask me if it was real, and why did I invite him to perform for our students......To sort of set the stage for what happened...the Master had his student attack him with a Miao Dao....he then dropped the student with a gesture and then revived him with a sound.   Jason and Les had to catch the student before he dropped to the ground....he was definitely out like a light!  So now, was it r...Read more

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The Young Warriors

Last year when my Shi Hsiung di, Yang Shi Ming was here teaching seminars he help me reorganize the SF Wushu Team, for many years now we have always had a Wushu and Taiji demo components.........he added a group tp perform just the fighting aspects of Wushu...his interest of course was to help promote the art of Bagua, and to show the real applications to the American Public.  I just added the White Crane, Marvin the Choi Lay Fut and Glenn the Hawaiian Kajukempo........the young men who joined this group were named the Warriors by Sally on...Read more

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Tournaments:Tiger Claw

The Tiger Claw event happened before the Nationals, but I didn't get around to posting anything...so here goes!  The Tiger Claw Event this year was quite successful.....about 300 or so competitors....and we used many of the Judges from CMAT.......I hope we can continue this trend so after awhile the promoters will come and ask for judges from CMAT.  As I have said before...unless you have a professional non bias judging group will there be fair judging...a problem thazt no one really has talked about in Wushu.  The professional ath...Read more

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Tournaments: Nationals Day One

US  Wushu Team Trials.....I have been involved in them since 1984.........this is the second Year that I have attended a recent USAWKF Wushu Trials...........the scope and craziness was mind boggling....Sifu Li was running....the US Junior Team Trials, US Tradional  Wushu Trials, the International Taiji-Qigong Competition, and the National Wushu ranking and rating competition.......not one at a time but all at once!  I give Sifu Li lots of props for an unenviable task......he did a great job for his first time!

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