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More 40 years

 When you get a certain age many things seem to have occurred 40 years ago.  Life passes you up faster than you can think..........so it's important to always do what you want.........you should never have to say....I wish I had tried that!!  Tho doing what you want doesn't necessarily mean being selfish and un willing to channge...the other side of this is we have to be flexible...make a decision and see it out to the end!  Anyways, Calwushu finished it's spring session...and at the end was the 40th Anniversary of the UC Martial Ar...Read more

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The Kung in Wushu

Kung then is power and potential.....Kung-fu the way to develop it.  If you don't practice the Kung your Wushu in useless, and it cannot really help improve your physical condition, or develop mental focus and engender confidence..........this has been the topic of my Uncle's discussion on how to practice Wushu.  And it really doesn't matter if it's internal, traditional or contemporary Wushu........it all applies..........the difficult thing might be to identify what and how to practice.  In White Crane the emphasis is plac...Read more

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40 Years of the Asian Movement

Sometimes we forget how fast things go by in this life........big changes occur in our lifetime and we might not even know it happened.  It has been 40 years since the founding of the Asian Studies Program at UC Berkeley......since the formation of the TWLF......Third World Liberation Front......the significance of which in some sense made it possible to put a Black President in the White House........should be a Black House now!  I just happen to be in College at the time....and had an opportunity to take part in the massive m...Read more

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The Wu in Wushu, Part II

Again these are notes from a discussion with my Uncle and is meant to answer many of the questions students have asked me.  In regards to practicing Taiji, Bagua, or Wushu....as we said previously....you must practice basics in order to improve....not the form.  Practice it how?  He pointed out you must practice the technique accurately, generate the power with the entire body, and know it's application.  Many of my students have often said well I don't like violence, or I don't want to fight I am here to improve my healt...Read more

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The Wu in Wushu

My Uncle, Sifu Quentin Fong, third generation Tibetan White Crane Master.

I went to visit with my Uncle, Sifu Quentin Fong...........a few of the CalWushers have had a chance to meet him....but mainly nowadays he is in retirement...and spends his time finishing his book, The Lion Roar Martial Arts System.  If you saw Zhou Sing Chi's Movie ,Kung fu Hustle, they referred to it as a roar............Read more

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Cherry Blossom Festival

The weather was great.......warm and Sunny!  Seems in this economy everyone wants to hang out....this was one of the most crowded Cherry Blossom Festivals in recent memory......there was no place to stand and have ice cream......which was perfect for the hot summer like day.  The SF Wushu Team was not quite able to field a lot of wushu performers that day........as many of the wushu students had o...Read more

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With InMat  and the Collegiates over...CMAT 17 was next!  While we capped the tournament at 450 competitors....we still managed to get 525 competitors on the floor somehow.   Some of that number was the fault of the University who insist we use an archaic pay vehicle.....rather than Paypal....which would be more efficient and accurate......but , no..........ah oh well.......at least we are not Wall Street!   This year's event brought us some international competitors from the Phillipines, China, Moscow and Canada.  This I feel is in the right dir...Read more

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Of course CMAT 17 was the highlight of the wushu tournament circuit.........but thought I would stop for a moment to acknowledge the CalWushu Team......they worked hard and did better than all expectations.........they literally cleaned up at the Collegiates in Atlanta, Georgia.  If it were not for some judging irregularities......they would have swept all the major catergories of competition.

This ye...Read more

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InMat and CMAT

Both Tournaments have come and gone..........InMat was small held at the CPAA Center in San Jose hosted by the Shaolin Monks and CPAA.  A good tournament for beginners and those who want to try out new routines.  At the end there was a demo by the monks and the judges.  The Monks performed the eight Brocades Qigong..and Tongzigong.............literally means Virgin Qigong.......used to be practiced by the youngest monks...develops your flexibility and strength.  It is interesting to note that these techniques are exactly like Yoga...and as I h...Read more

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More Lions and Dragons

Chinese New Year's is always about new things and new beginnings.  This year Corey came up with a way to make a cardboard dragon.........which you might think is not a big deal....that is until you see what he did with the kids at Spring Valley Elementary..........they not only made a kool dragon but had costumes made and signs so they could have their own parade!  Amazing thing is that it was extremely easy to make...one big cardboard box and lots of ice cream gallon tubs for the body!

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Coming: Sept 14 Mid-Autumn Festival Sept 15 Dragon Boat Festival Oct 12 4th Annual Golden State Chinese Martial Arts Champions

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