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Gung Xi Fa Zai, Shen Ti Jin Kang!!

A Happy New Year to everyone...and may we all have a great Year of the Dragon!!  Dragon is a year of good news, changing fortunes, rain,wisdom and prosperity.  If you judge purely by Lion Dancing request...business is definitely up this year.  Last year hardly anyone had money to have a Lion Dance...this year I have to turn people down.  So I hope your year is as good as mine!!

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More Hun Yuan Taiji

Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang's Event drew competitors and teachers from all over the world and throughtout China.  It was inspiring to see so many Taiji practioners following Grandmaster Feng's lead.  Hun Yuan Taiji translates into primordial Taiji...emphasis placed on the separation of Yin and Yang techniquewise and on both health as well as application.  In most Taiji form and function are separated....Feng has tried to reintegrate both so as to have a system that can be easily applied, and has stressed the need to relax as if doi...Read more

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Feng's 3rd International Taiji Conference and Competition

Before I get started thought I would congradulate a few people for their performances at the recent World Wushu Championships........congradulations to the now senior competitor in the Wushu World: He Jing De....he can claim to be the oldest Wushu World Champion......Jiayo!!  Also, congrats to fellow Hong Kong Team Member Colin Cheng on his first Gold Medal at the International Level.......indeed Coach Gao Song is to be congradulated for fielding a very good Hong Kong Team.  Loren, while I know yo...Read more

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US Wushu Team Needs You

Well as you might know the US Wushu Team will be leaving next month to Turkey for the World Wushu championships.  Our Foundation the National Chinese Wushu Association is raising funds for US Team Member........and I will admit it is for one of my students: Loren who is both a member of the Cal Wushu Team and the SF Wushu Team.  Unfortunately, the way our national wushu organization is, the athletes must pay for everything themselves.....not easy nowaday.  the NCWA is a non profit tax exempt organization so any donations goes directly...Read more

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Zhaoshi Bagua Qinnamen

Zhaoshi Bagua Qinnamen is the formal name of our Wushu School now......use to be just the SF Wushu Team, I adopted that after I formally accepted new disciples.  Zhaoshi because its the style of Master Zhao Da Yuan and Qinnamen because both he and Grandmaster Li Zi Ming both loved qinna (joint locking) techniques and gathered them from many different styles and not just Bagua.  Students have often asked me what's the fascination with Bagua?  Bagua is in some ways quite unique; it is a univesral Martial Arts built around the princip...Read more

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New Disciples

Have been busy lately with the start of the new semester......City College has begun so a new set of classes and students..something I look foward to.....new students ready to learn some Taiji. Enrollment is at about 125.....not bad at all!  Also, have begun our Qinna training....it puts a whole different light on Yang Taiji.......we are all use to the big movements you see in Yang 24 and the 42 Taiji......but these movements have little to do with actual Yang Style Taij.  We often associate big circular movements with Yang Style, when actually...Read more

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Bagua Qinna Men

While the Summer Taining is done, there is still some work to do.  I have begun planning my own discipleship ceremony.  I will be taking 4-5 disciples this year to both teach the inner workings of traditional wushu and to train them to teach.  Our style is Bagua Zhao Shi Qinna Men,  while it is based on the Bagua of Li Zi Ming, it includes the Qinna or joint locking techniques of Master Zhao and Li Zi Ming, many of these techniques are not from Bagua but from other styles,  they both collected these techniques because of their own interest.  ...Read more

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Wushu in the 2020 Olympics?

Ever since 1986, have been hoping Wushu might get a chance to be included in the Olympics, that was the year China decided it would launch the attempt to make Wushu a world sport.  Well, as you all know it did not make it in 2008.  But on July 4, the Olympic executive board, announced the inclusion of ski slopes, slopestyle and snowboard parallel slalom in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.  Interesting to me however was the included statement that in 2013 the executive committee will consider adding: baseball, karate, roller sports, ...Read more

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Backi in the USA

It was good to return......but economy flights and the long flight back from Hong Kong just took too long..was exhausted from the plane ride.  Weather in Hong Kong was rain...and to our surprise so was our arrival in the Bay Area to the same!  Everything went without a hitch...except for Mike when we found out he had no ticket....it seems someone forgot to log him in..as he had to get on by standby in Sf originally.....so he was not in any computer record and they cancelled his ticket.  So looks like even tho the trip is finished, it's n...Read more

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Lunch with Coach Wu

In the morning we finished up the 6th row of the 64 Palms with Master Yang.  Ben and Michael got dropped really good........got to see some of the effectiveness of the qinna techniques.  Often you cause your opponent to react, after which there is no escape.  64 Palms must be practiced with the application in mind in order to do the form correctly and with spirit.  Then Master Yang finished with a basic joint lock form, which for those of you who know is almost identical with Master Chen's Two man qinna form...the source for that form...Read more

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