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Hun Yuan Taiji Quan Announcements

Some very exciting developments in the World of Taiji.  Of my many teachers, Feng Zhi Qiang is one of the most famous in China, he is one of the last of China's Living Treasures, the last of the 18 Generation of Chen Taiji and the creator of his own Hun Yuan Liu He Chen Taiji Quan.  He incorporated Hsing-i, Bagua, Tungbei, praying antis and other styles into the Chen Taiji, and corrected many of the faults of Chen Taiji.  That would take some time to discuss, perhaps one of these days.  On March 6, his daughter Feng Xiuquian will be giving a seminar at the Buchanan YMCA time TBA.  For enthusiast in Chen Taiji please don't miss this unique opportunity. Also, this year on Oct 30-Nov1, will be the 3d World Hun Yuan Taiji Conference and World Competition.  For teachers and students alike this is event also not to miss, the 2nd World Conference in Soochow drew a 1000 participants!  It is a chance to exchange ideas, meet practioners from all over the world, and get to meet the Grandmaster.  When I was younger it was never a problem to get lessons with Grandmaster Feng but inthe last ten years it has been impossible to do that, as he is in great demand all over the world.

Also, if you are in Hong Kong Madame Feng Xiufeng, will be going to Hong Kong with their Hun Yuan Taiji Team to compete in the Hong Kong Taiji Tournament in March.  Madame Feng Xiufeng is the Grandmaster Feng's older daughter, and main instructor at the newly established Hun Yuan Taiji School in Beijing.

So check those events out!  Ok nxt time I will try and finish up my Ox Bow post.  Cya!

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