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Chinese New Years and other things

Chinese New Years is in full swing.......been Lion Dancing and performing all over the Bay Area.  I have been out with my long time student Corey of the Kei Lun Martial Arts School.

Some of Corey's young Kei Lun Lion dancers at a wedding in South bay.

Thomas in Oakland Chinatown  still looking strong after six straight Lion Dances!  He felt pretty  good then but the next day.........

We run into friends everywhere.  At the Oceanview Recreation Center ran into our old Team Mate  Amy and her kids.  Amy was US Taiji and Long Fist All Around Champion in the 90's.

I thought I would mention another one of my friend's work of art, and that's sifu Liu Yu's book, "Awakening the Sleeping Tiger".......it's an autobiography of her life as one of China's great Wushu athletes.  It is a look into what happens to Wushu athletes, their intrigues, and trials and tribulations.  A must read if you like Wushu, you find out its not all glamour and fun.  Thru all of it tho Liu Yu survives and becomes who she is.  I know this was not easy Chinese are very private about their lives, so this pretty special it was a way to share her life story with her daughter, but also with the new generation of Wushu players all over the world.  The book is available from her, and we will have a special reading for the public May 8, the day after CMAT at Eastwind Books of Berkeley.  Don't miss it, a chance to meet her and talk about Wushu in China. You might know her as one of the long time judges for CMAT...she has judged in every competition CMAT has ever held.

Well hope your Year of the Rabbit is starting off well!  Its a year good for business and romance.  ok later all!

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