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Ox Bow Public Market and Chinese New Years

CNY is a time to see old friends and enjoy gfood food.  Practice hard and refuel your Qi with good food!!  Jitlada is one of my favorite Thai Resturants.  So my morning Tai Chi Class had a small celebration there.

Michel(in the center) invitied everyone to celebrate CNY with him.

For many years Michel ran one of the best French resturants in the City.

Jilada has great thai food but also good desserts.  This Mango sorbet served in a coconut dish with a cashew and cranberry smile!

Ox Bow Public Market is up in Napa in the wine country of California.  we were asked by Tillerman Tea to go up and help Celebrate the New Year.

This was our crew for the day!

Jared was in charge of the performance, he stresses that everyone needs to be at their best, we have a huge crowd today!

Thomas began our demo with Beng Bo Kuen from the Seven Star Praying Mantis System.  A style from Shangtung combining the hand techniques of the Mantis with the footwork of the Monkey.

Ely performs Shaolin #8, a form that is part of the Jing Wu School Curriculum...teaches the intermediate level Shaolin kicking techniques.

Mike performing Tibetan White Crane's Chutt yup Bo Form.  This is the style often referred to as the Lion's Roar was originally practiced by the monks of Tibet.

Ben one of my disciples  performs the Hun Yan Chen Taiji Sword.  This form from Beijing

chen Taiji Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang

Ely also performed the crowd pleaser, the Monkey Staff

Jared finished up the wushu portion of our show at Ox Bow with the Praying Mantis Halbred form.

Ok more nxt time from Ox Bow Market!!

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