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Hello I guess it is my turn to share my side of the story to you all. This is something we haven't announce to the public or press until today. Here it is. About three years ago, I got an idea in the middle of the night. I wanted to do film that shows to the general public what is it like to be in the entertainment business. The ups and downs of actors or singers, what kind of things they have to go through or put up in order to reach stardom, that is the whole concept for the film. But how can I make this film? by myself? wh...Read more

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I'm trying to solve things out | 我會試著解決這事

Sorry to have you all feel worried, I am trying my best to get things solved. Be patient, Alive boys will be okay.




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Eating Fest in taiwan | 在台灣吃得好樂

Finally back in Hong kong after two weeks of hard work in taiwan. Terence and myself are there shooting a tele-feature. The schedules was tight and the hours are long too. But I think we did pumped out a very nice film though. Can never complain about trips to taiwan, because the food there are fabulous. I think we have a photo of me and terence eating stinky tofu on a street corner, which is next to the set where we were filming. I should post that pic up ASAP. Later!!


在台灣忙了兩個禮拜,終於回香港來了。子維和我是去拍一部...Read more

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Happy chinese new year | 新春快樂


How ya'll doing? Just came back from bangkok, with some friends just kicking back for 4 days, had some really good thai food, discovered a spicy minced pork with rice called " kapow" super super delicious. One day, we went to play golf, I shot 109. awful huh? I haven't been playing golf for at least 1 year or more.. I guess that is kind of okay for someone who never made it pass 100 huh? Anyway, me and terence will be going to Taiwan on the 5th of Feb. to do a film. maybe we will have a chance to ...Read more

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Happy 2006 | 2006新年快樂!

Happy new year mighty fans of Alive. Thank you all for your support this year, hope to see you all doing well and keep supporting us and our website. We are working on the new webpage. It will be very very interesting. Whew... this year went by fast. I guess we had alot done this year. But I know there are more stuff for alive next year. Please stay tuned.




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Should I ??

Hello gals Thinking about growing my hair back, probably not as long as before like the one above. Or should I keep it short?? give me some suggestions.

哈囉女孩們!在想我頭髮是不是該留長點, 可能不止像以前那樣﹖又或許我該剪短髮﹖﹖ 給我點意見吧。

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andrew's drawing (ROCKER) | 連凱畫廊(搖滾歌手)

This drawing is not anyone of us(Alive), It's a drawing that I was playing around with colors. Hope you like it. Andrew



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Andrew's Artwork (Conroy's portrait) | 連凱畫廊

Hello people I know you guys are waiting for this one. So here it is. I present Mr.Baba to yall. I showed the drawing to conroy, and he said I made him looked to handsome. hehe.... Andrew

哈囉!我就知道你們在等這張。哪!這就是!我介紹:Mr Baba給大家。我拿這張給子聰看,他說我畫得他太靚仔了。嘻嘻……


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Best Actor Prediction | 預測最佳男主角

Here is the list of the nominees: 梁家輝 (黑社會) 張震 (最好的時光) 陳坤 (抹茶之戀味) 郭富城 (三岔口) Although I have only seen 2 out of the 4 films from the nominees. But I have already pick out my winner from the list. I've been watching films of 梁家輝 since younger. I always respect him as a very good actor in the business. Although his luck was not as good as his acting skills. I feel he should get more awards and recognition for his abilities. He got a Best Actor for "愛在他鄉的季節" many years ago, after that he got a few nominations for 人約黃...Read more

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Andrew's drawing ( Andrew's Portrait) | 連凱畫廊(連凱的肖像)

Here is my own portrait, since so many of you is asking to see me draw myself. So I've decided to post my portrait before Conroys. But don't worry, con's will be up next week. I just finished a film in Hong Kong 《回來愛我》 with Flora Chan, It think the scrīpt is pretty good. I had alots fun working with the director Gary Mak. Since "Last Break throgh" a T...Read more

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I have been working on a few films lately, 《烈日灼人》, 《房车奇遇》. I am still acting and running my Make-up Effects shop and training school.

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