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Hello I guess it is my turn to share my side of the story to you all. This is something we haven't announce to the public or press until today. Here it is. About three years ago, I got an idea in the middle of the night. I wanted to do film that shows to the general public what is it like to be in the entertainment business. The ups and downs of actors or singers, what kind of things they have to go through or put up in order to reach stardom, that is the whole concept for the film. But how can I make this film? by myself? where do I get the funding for it? Hmmm... why don't I get a few buddies to participate in this. That way we can all work together, and as actors, we can all create roles that producers don't dare to let us try before. I really want to help out my friends and myself with this project. So one night at a party, all my buddies(daniel,terence,conroy) happened to be there. So I told them the project to see if they are interested, and they all say "Yeah"!! that is a great idea. Few months later, Daniel came up with a wonderful plan, he said "why don't we really become singers so we can get into the characters that we are playing" it is like method acting, becoming the character that you are playing, also we will have real footages of us in recording sessions or dacing lessons, maybe even concerts. All three of us nodded with doubts in our mind. Wow, are we really going this far just for a film? But we all agreed it was a wonderful plan, So we decided maybe it's worth to give it a shot, at least this plan will be one of a kind. But there are four of us, are we a band or what? we certainly can not become a rock band, cause most of us don't play any musical instruments. so what are we? Boyband? OH NO.... that doesn't sound right. All four of us are in our 30's. We are too old to call ourself boyband, a "Menband" sound more like it. Another few months passed, "ALIVE WAS BORN" Our goal was to do a film about the business, we work so hard to make this project happened and we encountered many obstacles along the way, each of us is taking our parts to make sure things go smoothly, daniel in charging of the film and directing, Terence is doing the administration work and website. Conroy is calling sponsors to fund our project, And I was in charge of the Art department, making logos and sculpting toys for our fans. (12" Alive figurines we should be out in the market soon) Finally now, we have finished our film and it will be out in theatres soon, What a big relief after two years of working in secret. The reason for keeping it secret is not to lie to audience or public,even press, If we want the film or our characters to be real and believable, we can not tell you we are singing because we are doing a film beforehand, right? you have to believe we are a real band, which we really did. we did everything that a new singer would have to went through. That is why daniel says all our fans is a part of the project too, And we all thank you for it. We did everything for our fans, including this movie, we made this film for your enjoyment, to see our acting and at the same time, showing you guys the truth behind the closed door, the truth of the entertainment business in Hong Kong. We use almost three years of our time just to make these staments, so the general public will know. This project is not about money, we have not made a cent till this day, all our salaries from alive went back into the production and the website. Hope you all out there can understand our hard work, we never intend to creat any misunderstanding, or attacking anyone. I think it is only fair for us if people would watch the movie first, and know what we are doing before criticising us. Many have express their hatred about us, simply from hearing the HK press' points of view. Please Watch the film. thank you. BTW, we are not disbanding. Sincerely Andrew



大概在三年前吧,有一個晚上,我突發奇想,希望能拍一部電影,是關於娛樂圈的﹔有好多演員或歌星,都曾經過星海浮沉,但他們在開始的時候又是怎麼走過來的 ﹖有了這個主題,但是如何去製作它﹖就憑我﹖我上那兒去找投資人﹖突然想起我那幫死黨,要他們參與,不是就可以在一起工作了嗎﹖可以一起演戲,又可以創造 自己的角色。監製都不敢讓我們試,但我希望可以幫到朋友,又希望自己能揹起這個項目﹔剛好我的三個死黨(吳彥祖、尹子維、陳子聰)跟我在一個派對,大家聊 起來,問他們有沒有興趣﹖個個都說是好主意。幾個月後,吳彥祖又出主意說:為甚麼不索性做歌星﹖可以更融入角色呀!其實就是要我們每個人都以自己的性格來 作回自己。我們可以有真正的舞台和錄音、跳舞,甚至開演唱會。我這三個死黨為這部影片都想得又快又遠,同時,我們全都認為它是個好計劃。我們決定值得一 試,至少這計劃是個嘗試。可是,我們是四個人噢﹖!組樂隊﹖又或甚麼…﹖我們肯定不能組搖滾樂隊,因為我們都不會玩樂器,那我們又是甚麼玩意﹖男孩樂隊﹖ 當然不是,四個都年超三十,我們如果叫男孩樂隊又超齡,難道叫男人樂隊﹖又四不像!又過了幾個月,Alive就「Alive was born」了。

我們的目標是拍一部商業電影,我們每個人都很努力,但在過程中還是有很多阻滯,我們每個人都做好自己的本份,以令事情順利進行。吳彥祖負責監製、導演,尹 子維負責行政和網址,陳子聰負責找人投資和贊助,好教人出錢來實行這個項目﹔我是負責藝術方面如設計商標、做一些玩偶給「粉絲」。12吋的Alive公仔 很快就會面世了。

最後,我們已經完成了這部電影,而且也很快就會公映。兩年秘密的工作,今天終於大石落地,整個人都輕鬆了。這麼神秘不為要騙觀眾或是傳媒,如果我們想角色 能真實、可信和被人認同,我們就不能跟大家說我們在「唱」,因為我們是在「拍戲」,對不對﹖!所以一定要是真的樂隊,而我們又真的做到。我們所做的每一件 事,都是一個新歌星會經歷的,這也正是為甚麼吳彥祖會說:「我們的『粉絲』也是我們的一部份。」我們非常多謝你們,所以我們為「粉絲」所做的每一件事,包 括這部電影,都是為了娛樂大家。我們想讓你們看到我們演出的同時,通過我們的演繹,也想告訴你們,在香港娛樂事業背後的真實性。






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I have been working on a few films lately, 《烈日灼人》, 《房车奇遇》. I am still acting and running my Make-up Effects shop and training school.

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