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Best Actor Prediction | 預測最佳男主角

Here is the list of the nominees: 梁家輝 (黑社會) 張震 (最好的時光) 陳坤 (抹茶之戀味) 郭富城 (三岔口) Although I have only seen 2 out of the 4 films from the nominees. But I have already pick out my winner from the list. I've been watching films of 梁家輝 since younger. I always respect him as a very good actor in the business. Although his luck was not as good as his acting skills. I feel he should get more awards and recognition for his abilities. He got a Best Actor for "愛在他鄉的季節" many years ago, after that he got a few nominations for 人約黃昏 ,天台的月光 and A-1頭條. But never won. I really hope this year he would get it for "黑社會". His performance was outstanding. I'd watch 三岔口 because daniel is in it. But I was very suprise Arron Kwok got nominated as best actor for this film. I have to agree this is his best performance out of all the films he had done before. But I'm not sure if that deserves a Best Actor award. Sometimes, it really depends on who you are going against with, if the other nominees are strong. I don't think he will have a chance, But the nominess this year is definetly weak. That is just my opinion, it has nothing to do with Alive or any other. Who do you think will win??? Andrew

儘管我只看了獲提名的四部電影中的兩部,我也有了我自己的「獲獎名單」! 我年輕的時候已經看梁家輝的電影了,我一直認為他在這行是個很值得人尊敬的好演員。可惜他的運氣一直沒有他的演技那麼好,我總覺得他該得更多的獎和得到更多人認同他的能力。他在好多年前已憑「愛在他鄉的季節」得過最佳男主角獎,之後他又憑「人約黃昏」、「天台的月光」、「A-1頭條」獲得多次提名。但從未再勝出。我真的希望今年他能憑「黑社會」卓越的表現得獎! 之所以我會看「三岔口」,全因有吳彥祖演出﹔儘管我很意外郭富城會獲提名最佳男主角。雖然我也同意這是郭演出最好的一部片,但我並不肯定他該得最佳男主角獎。 有時候真的是要看你在跟誰比,如果別的提名人都強,我不認為他會有機會。不過今年獲提名的陣容不太強。 這只是我個人的意見,與Alive無關。你又認為誰會嬴呢﹖連凱

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I have been working on a few films lately, 《烈日灼人》, 《房车奇遇》. I am still acting and running my Make-up Effects shop and training school.

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