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treating myself | 犒勞自己

Oops... Sorry about the missing pics,  I am having trouble uploading pics.  The two picture suppose to be Lawry's primrib.   I will solve the uploading problem ASAP.

Anyway,  It has been awhile since I eat out and treat myself with a nice dinner.  With moving and etc.  I've been eating all sorts of fast food and take outs.  Yeah,  bad for my health.  So me and my wife went to the Lawry's in Hong Kong treat ourselves with a nice dinner.  It's been awhile since I had a primerib.  The last time when we were at Sa...Read more

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settle in | 搬進新居 | 搬进新居

Finally moved the junks from one place to the other.   I know,  some of you are asking for photos,  Umm..... a photo of my new place,  No way.  Sorry!!  I am still in Hong Kong.  I didn't move anywhere else, just in case you want to know.

I do have some other photos to share with you all, but My internet access is not set up yet.  I am using a public computer now. I post it up when I have my own access.|總算把所有東西都搬完了。曉得有人想看照片,恩…我新居的照片。但是不行,對不起!!要告訴大家的是,我還在香港,沒搬去別處。

有其他照片要跟你們分享,但我的網絡還沒裝好,現在正用一臺公用電腦上網,等我的網絡裝好了就傳照片...Read more

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moving..... | 搬家中…

Hello all

   Sorry for not blogging for awhile.  I am packing and moving the whole week long.  I hated...  but it is a good chance and excuse for me to throw out some old cloth and junk. 

   Will update ASAP


    抱歉,有段時間沒寫 Blog了。我正在打包行李,這整周都要搬家。討厭這樣…但剛好找到機會及借口扔掉一些舊衣物和用品。



    抱歉,有段时间没写 Blog了。我正在打包行李,这整周都要搬家。讨厌这样 …但刚好找到机会及借口扔掉一些旧衣物和用品。


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My show reel is finally done | 我的影片剪輯終於弄完了 | 我的影片剪辑终于弄完了


  My show reel is finally done. I spent many hours picking out scenes from the past work I've done. It was difficult to choose your favorite acting scenes. The ones I thought is good, others might not like it. The ones other like, I think they are to plain.

Anyway,  go to my home page, you will see it.  I'd  tried to pick a variety of characters with different looks.  Some modern, some period.  Cool, dorky, Gay character.   Mixing with different emotions.

thanks f...Read more

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haunted filming location 達德學校 | 在鬧鬼的達德學校拍戲 | 在闹鬼的达德学校拍戏

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sprains & bruises 扭傷和瘀青 | 扭伤和瘀青

it has been awhile since I did any kind of action in a film,  That use to be everything I did back then,  but in the recent years, mostly drama.

Only working on the Teddy chen project for 2 days, I am already banged up,  some of them are from handcuffs,  others are from fighting,

here is one pics to share, the others are too nasty已經有段時間沒在戲裏開打了。我曾經經常打,但近些年很多時候都在拍文戲。




拍陈德森的戏2天就受伤了,一些是...Read more

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shaw Bro. Di lung sculpture in process 邵氏兄弟.狄龍正在製作中的雕塑 | 邵氏兄弟.狄龙正在制作中的雕塑

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busy, busy 忙忙忙 | 忙忙忙

I've been pretty busy since I'd came back from LA.  The past week, I was working on my new showreel( video format portfolio),  I  have to watch every film and TV series I've done in the past and pick out scenes which I think is appropriate for the showreel,  Of course I have to fast forward them to go through them ASAP. But it took me the whole week to watch every scene and episode.  whew.... I wouldn't want to do that again anytime soon.  

  At the meantime, I was doing some commission art work for someone.  I ha...Read more

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back in Hong Kong 回到香港 | 回到香港

After San Francisco, I went back to Los Angeles and hang out with the family for  couple weeks.  Good to see friends and families are doing so well.   One day, I went to Disneyland with my little sister,  I haven't been there for so long, they got some new rides nowaday.  Very surprise to see Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates ride.  Because some of the old ones are pretty much the same.  I guess they add his character in there after the success of the film huh?

Anyway,  The last two film I did are coming out soon, ...Read more

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Fell in love with San Francisco 愛上三藩 | 爱上三藩


    Here I am blogging again.  Well, it was nice to hanged out with the Alive boys in San Francisco.  The last time I went there was at least 10 to 15 years ago.  My first impression of the city back then was "beautiful" ,  now I am there again after all these years,  I just fell in love with it.  The city has so much culture, the architect is a work of art.  A friend told me, I was lucky to come during that week, the weather was really nice and no fog.  One day, we went to daniel's frie...Read more

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I have been working on a few films lately, 《烈日灼人》, 《房车奇遇》. I am still acting and running my Make-up Effects shop and training school.

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