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Andrew's drawing ( Andrew's Portrait) | 連凱畫廊(連凱的肖像)

Here is my own portrait, since so many of you is asking to see me draw myself. So I've decided to post my portrait before Conroys. But don't worry, con's will be up next week. I just finished a film in Hong Kong 《回來愛我》 with Flora Chan, It think the scrīpt is pretty good. I had alots fun working with the director Gary Mak. Since "Last Break throgh" a TV series that I did with TVB, I have been getting roles like doctors, professional, designers etc. I guess people starting to accept me playing a average person instead of a villian. Which is a good thing. But sometimes I still miss acting as a baddie in a full action pack film. Andrew

這就是在下的肖像了!既然你們一個個都要我自己畫自己,那我就在畫子聰之前先畫我自己吧!不過別急,子聰的下個禮拜就有了。我剛跟陳慧珊   一起拍完一部劇本還不錯的香港片「回來愛我」。跟導演Gary Mak一起工作,過程蠻有趣的。自從拍「天涯俠醫」那個TVB的劇集開始,讓我有了做醫生、專家、設計師等等的機會。我想大家已經開始接受我做回好人而不再是反派了吧。這是好現象,不過,有時候我還蠻懷念我在動作片裏扮壞蛋的日子呢!


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I have been working on a few films lately, 《烈日灼人》, 《房车奇遇》. I am still acting and running my Make-up Effects shop and training school.

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