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Thank you everyone.|謝謝每個人|谢谢每个人|皆、ありがとう。

I was very touch by so many friends on AnD for the blessing regarding my grandmother's death. 

Again.  '"THANK YOU ALL"

Here is a few more photos from my last day of filming.

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grandma passed away!! | 祖母過世!! | 祖母过世!!|grandma passed away!!

Remember my blog about my father?  That was the last time I saw my grandma along with my father this march.   Yesterday I got a call from a relative in taiwan, and told me about the news.  I was shopping in G.O.D for some new furnitures for the new apartment.  I didn't know how to react to a news like that while the salesman was pitching a new set of closet to me.

I am back in shanghai working again today.  I couldn't take any days off work, cause the production is in the process o...Read more

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This is "NOT" What You Think... | 這"並非"你想象…|这"并非"你想象…|This is "NOT" What You Think...

Arrrggg............  kicking my butt huh???

This is what you get for kicking me!!

Is there any other ways to apologize to me? Read more

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Andrew Lin's AnD Anniversary Video (Super Bird) | 連凱為AnD一周年錄制的視頻(超級小鳥) | 连凯为AnD一周年录制的视频(超级小鸟)

Watch it!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFY7qxgZJxM I am going to keep that bird forever!!

 請欣 賞!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFY7qxgZJxM

我會一直養著這只小鳥!! Read more

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Shoot'em Up (007 Made in China) | 趕盡殺絕 (中國版007) | 赶尽杀绝(中国版007)

A wonderful Opening scene from my latest project "春去春又回".  The Photos below were taken by a dear friend[万弘杰](/wanhongjie)( wanhongjie) , a good actor and talented photographer.  Check out his blog in our Alivenotdead site and welcome him!!!

Here is the link to his page.  www.alivenotdead.com/wanhongjie

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SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT....... | 有些事情需要考慮…… | 有些事情需要考虑……

           Besides my busy filming schedules,  I manage to catch 20 minutes of news here in Song jiang every night.   Updating on the news on sichuan earthquake.    There are many different foundations for public to donate money.  And the amount raised within a week is incredible.  Although I know many of the foundations are legitimate, like  Red Cross, ONE foundation and Alive not Dead.  And I truly believe the money we donated will be spend smartly by the foundations or the government.   

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Man With Many Faces Part II | ”多面男人”的多重形象 第二部分

Ah...  Here are some more update pictures from the set. enjoy!!

(pictures provided by Wan Hongjie)

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Exorcist Experience..? | 驅魔人體驗…?| 驱魔人体验…?|エクソシストを体験・・・?

Here are more photos from the set of my new serial.   I will be working in shanghai until mid june.  The working schedule aren't as hectic as before.  At least I do get some decent sleeping hours now.  Work has been good.  I love the role very much.  Charismatic and challenging at the same time.  "MAN WITH DIFFERENT FACES"  is what I would call my character.

This first photo is from last nights shoot.  Doesn't it look like a screen shot from the movie "EXORCIST"???Read more

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FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!!! | 最高機密!!! | 最高机密!!!|For your eyes only!!!

Here are some photos from my new project.   I have been here in shanghai, song giang for a little more than a week.  Working super long hours and not having much sleep.  But everything else is wonderful. The production and the crew are very professional.   I having a great time acting with my Idol since I was a kid.  His name is Lee Li chune

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meeting my father............. | 與父親見面………… | 与父亲见面…………|meeting my father.............

   When I was in Taiwan two weeks ago.  I met up with my father by accident.   After my parents got divorced,  I have not seen my dad for 12 years or so. 

    The trip to Taiwan was to visit my grandmother,  she is almost 90 years old now.  She has been quite healthy all her life except for occasional asthma attack.  I'd called her during Chinese New Year, she was fine.  She told me she was visiting a friend somewhere.  But after she got back from the trip, she...Read more

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I have been working on a few films lately, 《烈日灼人》, 《房车奇遇》. I am still acting and running my Make-up Effects shop and training school.

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