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Daniel & Terence Portraits | 吳彥祖和尹子維畫像

Hello After the server was moved to Hong Kong. Some of the messages has been deleted. That is why I am posting this again. Here is a new portrait of Terence, and the other one is Daniel from last week. Will be posting mine and conroy soon. see ya. andrew

哈囉!在伺服器搬回...Read more

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Hello again This week, we will go back to nature scenic for a change. You have seen my cutie baby drawings and my ugly, horror drawings. So now I present two scenic drawing for your enjoyment. The first one is called "Full Moon". As many of you probably have seen so...Read more

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Oh, My Back... | 噢! 我的腰... :

It's probably the weather these days or something. My lower back has been in pain for few days now. It was an old injury which happen few years ago. This is what happen, I was back in Los Angeles with my family on a vacation. One day, I decided to play some badminton with the families, one of them hit the badminton to hard and it went over the wall to my neighbor's yard. I was the only man there, so I have to climb over the brick wall, pick up the badminton and climb on the wall again and jump down. The brick wall isn'...Read more

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Andrew's Art Work II | 連凱的畫作 II

Hello mighty fans of Alive

Here are 2 more drawings for this week.  These two drawings are quite different than the ones from last week.  The theme and the drawing style is very different.  Regarding the theme,  they are pretty much self explanatory.  The first one is &q...Read more

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Andrew's Art Work | 連凱的畫作

Hello Here are some drawings I did on my Cell Phone(P900)Sony Ericson. I am so glad that I have a Jotter program in the phone which I can do some creative Art work while I am sitting on the film set waiting for my scene. I will be posting two drawings each week. If you like them, you ...Read more

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I Love U Taiwan "my home town" | 我愛你台灣「我的家鄉」

First of all, I like to thank all the fans in taiwan for supporting us in our channel V taiwan concert. The weather was so horrible that day. It was raining like cats and dogs, but that doesn't stop our mighty fans in Taiwan, some where there before 3:00PM and stay all the way till the end. We are in the backstage looking at the monitor which is showing the stage and audience, we saw thousands of people standing in rain just trying to get a closer look of their idols. We feel so guilty and so touched...Read more

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After the Concert: Andrew's Thoughts | 音樂會後:連凱的看法

Wow!! It finally happend. After two years of prep work, plus all the ups and downs that happen during these time, we had our first show. Am I nervous. Hell yeah!! few days before the show. people have being asking us if we are nervous or not. I was very very calm at that moment. And I thought I could hold the calmness till after the show. There are a stairway that carry us from the make-up room to the stage on the 2nd floor. That is where it happened. My heart was pounding when I heard the audience scream...Read more

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Andrew's 1st blog entry 7/27/05 | 演員心聲(連凱)

Here it is:

Life is so confusing!! Especially actors. When you are not working, you are worry as hell, but when you do get a job and working crazy long hours, you want this hell to be over ASAP.

Luckily, I am working on a TV series that I think it would turn out to be something wonderful. The schedule is tight, and all the actors are doing something else on the side, in...Read more

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I have been working on a few films lately, 《烈日灼人》, 《房车奇遇》. I am still acting and running my Make-up Effects shop and training school.

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