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Happy chinese new year | 新春快樂


How ya'll doing? Just came back from bangkok, with some friends just kicking back for 4 days, had some really good thai food, discovered a spicy minced pork with rice called " kapow" super super delicious. One day, we went to play golf, I shot 109. awful huh? I haven't been playing golf for at least 1 year or more.. I guess that is kind of okay for someone who never made it pass 100 huh? Anyway, me and terence will be going to Taiwan on the 5th of Feb. to do a film. maybe we will have a chance to run into fans in taiwan.

Happy chinese new year everone!!

andrew & Alive boys





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I love this mince pork rice but i didn't know its official name was Kapow.I dropped my camera into a big bowl of hot soup when I tried to take pic. of nice food in Pattaya and then bought a simple one there...
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I have been working on a few films lately, 《烈日灼人》, 《房车奇遇》. I am still acting and running my Make-up Effects shop and training school.

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