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PARTYROCK & FM hits vancity.

LMFAO's Party Rock Tour with Far East Movement, shwayze and more.. stopped in vancity on tuesday to show vancouv...Read more

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The Truth Behind Your Halloween Costume!

[note:  Sooooooo sad that I missed another dead not alive party :( ]

So apparently your halloween costume can tell alot about you ;)  Which explains why I was secretly judging every encounter in my head, on halloween night  

Your halloween costume selection can tell others:

1)  What you truly are, or want to be.

2)  What you fear.

Now, doesn't this intrigue you? Which category are you under?

...Read more
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vancity summer!

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I made egg tarts (edible too!)

Yes, you heard right! I made egg tarts. Now it's not often that I put on the good old oven mits - but when it's a good friend's b-day I try to put in that extra effort. So if you be good to me, maybe i'll make you a little something something in the ...Read more

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5 Things You Should Know About Canada!

Can't start off this entry without saying...rip mj, we have been blessed with your music, dancing, and talent. truly the king of pop, who really knows how to make people from all walks of life groove to the beat.****

I've been sick.. :( yes.. today is day 5 I think. Pretty much back to normal...except the throat feels strange, and I sound like I have the 'sexy morning voice' all-day long (except mine isn't too sexy unfortunately)

Today is ...Read more

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Hey everyone,

If you haven't already done so, go check out Far East Movement.  I actually discovered them RIGHT HERE at ALIVE NOT DEAD couple months ago, which is why I absolutely love this community.  Discover talent, that has been hidden by mainstream media (not for long though..).  Support FM! Help them move up, they deserve it :)  vote for Read more

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QUEST CREW in Vancouver!

ABDC's Quest Crew was in Vancouver Friday to wow the fans here. I was wow'd indeed  .  They each have amazing talents, and are all full of energy.  The crowd was in love!

Here's a video I uploaded from my friend's cam :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfhodi3Pe9Y Another one from where I was watching it. A shorter clip, but still awesome nonetheless. Read more

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my blog is collecting dust..

I have neglected my blog for far too long.  (That doesn't mean i've forgotten about AnD..as Stephen is aware, i'm actually writing about AnD as part of my research papers:)). I'm finding myself at school until the closing hours..all by myself in computer labs, typing away words to form sentences..sentences to form paragraphs..and hopefully paragraphs to form coherent essays.  But, of course good writing takes a lot more than just piecing together scattered sentences.  it takes a lot of love, energy, and sa...Read more

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I really need to blog more!  And I still have to share pictures from the past month, of snowy Vancouver..

Anyways, lastnight was my first wushu class and I must say... I SUCK!!!

But that's only because i'm new right?  That's at least what i'm going to tell myself for now

Hmmm I was much better in my dreams, than in life...  Jackie Chan would be dissapointed in my skills...or lack of.......Read more

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What? I did what?! Why don't I remember..

So apparently I got the dancing bug last last weekend and last last last weekend (yeah my english isn't so hot...but let's see you do better!) - explaining the weird picture below.. Don't you love pictures?  They just do all the work...no need for words.

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Hi! Thanks to the AnD community for the overwhelming support via comments, msgs, etc. etc. I read each one, and appreciate your time :)

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