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my blog is collecting dust..

I have neglected my blog for far too long.  (That doesn't mean i've forgotten about AnD..as Stephen is aware, i'm actually writing about AnD as part of my research papers:)). I'm finding myself at school until the closing hours..all by myself in computer labs, typing away words to form sentences..sentences to form paragraphs..and hopefully paragraphs to form coherent essays.  But, of course good writing takes a lot more than just piecing together scattered sentences.  it takes a lot of love, energy, and sacrifice (in the form of sleep).  

Hmm I do have 2 pictures from late Feb that I wanted to share, from Illuminate Yaletown hmm was that the last time I went out..?  No can't be...  

Cool eh?  The silhouettes of some folks having a good time.

economic crisis calls for some extreme measures.  50% off! Nobody took the offer though.

oh and here are my new kickboxing gloves:)  Now, all I need is a victim!

So after being left out in the loop for a couple months (how sad)...I think..think...i'll be doing some dancing for an upcoming show.  Apparently Wang Lee Hom will be coming to Vancouver for this...which is what made me agree to help out in the first place haha. 

Gee, I have such boring updates...but have no fear, summer is coming and that is when I get adventurous!

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I-m lovin'it!!
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welcome back! :-P
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Hi! Thanks to the AnD community for the overwhelming support via comments, msgs, etc. etc. I read each one, and appreciate your time :)

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