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I really need to blog more!  And I still have to share pictures from the past month, of snowy Vancouver..

Anyways, lastnight was my first wushu class and I must say... I SUCK!!!

But that's only because i'm new right?  That's at least what i'm going to tell myself for now

Hmmm I was much better in my dreams, than in life...  Jackie Chan would be dissapointed in my skills...or lack of....

This picture was taken 2 yrs ago!!! but I wanted some visuals on the blog...lol. 

I also discovered that I do not know how to do the "Horse" properly.  To think I did tai chi for three months before, and nobody bothered to tell me?!?  :(  


We are finally free from snow...and while alot of people were complaining about how annoying the snow was - I secretly loved it.  although it was a little irritating to walk extra slow, wake up extra early for commute...it was all worth it.  There's nothing better than pushing cars that are stuck in snow.  It's like a free workout. 

  Last month...

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who are you training under?
about 15 years ago
i remember thinking that i'd practice martial arts so i won't get beat up but later found out that getting beat up was very much part of the process, lol! good luck to in your training!
about 15 years ago
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Happy New OX Year AMYKINS ... love the snowy photo ... and yes ... u should blog more -- keke :oP
about 15 years ago
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oh cool! where did u take ur first wushu class?
about 15 years ago
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And.. how is going on? hihihi
about 15 years ago


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