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How to spice up a bouquet of flowers? With Totoro of course! #ghibli #totoro #flowers #wedding #centerpiece #vancity #lifestyle

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New addition to the family :) Toothless! #toothless #dragon #cute #buildabear #vancity #lifestyles #blogger

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A video I did for Creative Energy now online at creativeenergycanada.com or go to the blog for the vimeo link ;) #vancity #blogger #canucks #kirkmclean #stanleypark

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Looks like it's just you and me today buddy. #canadian #goose #burnabylake #cute #animals

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Happy weekend! Did you check out the Q&A with Beijing actress Carrie Wang yet? www.missmilaso.com (photo by Wei Zhou) #fierce #actress #model #fashion #beijing #vancouver

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First blog is out! Check out my experience as an emcee at a fashion & art event at www.missmilaso.com :) #fashion #emcee #dress #ootd #runway #missmilaso

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Fundraising for JAPAN LOVE PROJECT ♥

Couple days ago, I found out that  BC Japan Earthquake Relief Fund and their project JAPAN LOVE was organizing a fundraising street event. I sent them an email to volunteer ASAP! It was getting really frustrating watching all the news and images from Japan and not being able to help. This is a 8/9.0 magnitude earthquake followed with a tsunami AND radiation threats! This is huge, and so disturbing. So I am so happy I made the step to helping out. I...Read more

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Learn to Make Curry

My sister has tried to teach me how to make chicken curry twice.

The first time she made me watch.

The second time she made me watch, but I got to chop the carrots.

There's a chinese proverb that says that if you tell me, I will forget,

Show me, and I may remember,

Involve me, and I will understan...Read more

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Vancouver 2010

I'm very bad at keeping my blog updated...but I feel that I must talk about the Olympics, just doesn't feel right if I didn't (even if it's super belated!).

So basically our city was completely transformed. Suddenly, Canadian car flags were on every other car..people were happier...there was just this energy and buzz all around ...Read more

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good morning hk!

I'm writing this in hk right now!!!have not been here for a while...not really use to all the people everywhere.  it got soooooo hot here suddenly.... Mostly spending time with relatives here..but got to meet up with some friends the past two days, and will be doing some power shopping tomorrow with some good friends :) Come down to Tsim Tsa Tsui everybody! ahhaah. I'll update with pics later :)

But for now I have to update you guys on what's been going on this winter and new year over on my end! In December I went to wat...Read more

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Hi! Thanks to the AnD community for the overwhelming support via comments, msgs, etc. etc. I read each one, and appreciate your time :)

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