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PARTYROCK & FM hits vancity.

LMFAO's Party Rock Tour with Far East Movement, shwayze and more.. stopped in vancity on tuesday to show vancouver how to party.


FM ..these guys are DEDICATED. what an experience to see them perform..blows me away every time. A million times more awesome when you see them do their thing live. Made my day!

Shwayze was awesome too. Gave the crowd such an amazing vibe. It was hilarious watching my friend go nuts over the lyrics.."It's like he wrote the lyrics for me."

And finally... LMFAO in vancouver trrrick!  The lights during their set got my eyes seeing doubleee..hahah nice lights nice lights.

So nice to see Kev :) here with his new  Quatchi who has now joined the party rock tour hahah.

I have one too...but smaller haha.

3 fingers up for Far East Movement and the Party Rock Tour =)

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FEM rocks!
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Hi! Thanks to the AnD community for the overwhelming support via comments, msgs, etc. etc. I read each one, and appreciate your time :)

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