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vancity summer!

Vancouver is actually pretty calm..and spending summer here is always a relaxing and chill time.

My lovely buddy Rikko came back for a visit for exactly that..relaxing, chill, and fun tmes! One of the first things we did was head down to the annual New Talent Singing Awards competition held at The Centre in downtown.

Another pretty lady from HK was also there..crowd pleaser JJ

These types of events always bring together old friends and people who we use to work with...so picture time!

Some previous contestants from Miss Chinese Vancouver including yours truly..sported some unique styles for HOU.  All items were auctioned off and the proceeds went to the Children's Hospital. It was nice to get together with some of the other girls, and get to know them a bit more!

Got away from vancity for a day...and went on a little road trip to the states. I came home with a new pair of heels - which make me 4 inches taller..  No picture of that..so here's a picture stolen from Rikko's blog.

So this brings us to last weekend. It was BC day, so we gots a long weekend.  Went to the Richmond Night Market to eat some yummmy food before hibernating for the rest of the weekend TO READ! And the food winner of the night mkt goes to.. THE POTATO HURRICANE.  This crunchy devil comes in various flavours and is a fave amongst us oily-but-yummy food seekers. 

Of course summer is not summer, for the keen student, without some serious kick-ass study sessions.  You cannot beat my kind of study session.  My friend Nat and I share a common interest..EATING. So it's no big suprise that our studying involves a lot of GOOD FOOD and drinks. From iced caramel macchiatos, fruits, to godiva chocolate..you name it, we got it! It's worth noting that before studying we went to eat some pretty giant bowls of ramen - and once more for a midnight snack. 


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Wow nice weather and two pretty ladies ^^
over 14 years ago
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Miss chinese Vancouver looking gorgeous!
over 14 years ago
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thanks for sharing!
over 14 years ago
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thats why there aren't any pretty girls here, they're all in Vancouver! j/k!
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