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The Truth Behind Your Halloween Costume!

[note:  Sooooooo sad that I missed another dead not alive party :( ]

So apparently your halloween costume can tell alot about you ;)  Which explains why I was secretly judging every encounter in my head, on halloween night  

Your halloween costume selection can tell others:

1)  What you truly are, or want to be.

2)  What you fear.

Now, doesn't this intrigue you? Which category are you under?

The first one is quite self-explanatory...but what about the second one? After some contemplation..I guess it does make sense.  You want to be the person/thing you're scared of, and that way it can't scare you anymore. It's empowering! 

Let's put me through the test.

My costume was inspired by Rihanna 's ' Umbrella" look...which is one of my favorites.  (only day you'll see me going for 'sexy' look)

I'm pretty sure I fall under the what you want to becategory.

Oh by the way...I chopped off my hair. My hair dresser laughed at me because he said that girls never go from really long hair to really short in the winter =/  I responded with I like that breezy feeling behind my neckhahah. Which by the way...us ladies also have reasons for changing our hair drastically :p

Have this in mind the next time you choose a costume :)

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wow, that's hot (both of you!)
over 14 years ago
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so your friend is either afraid of taxi drivers or she secretly wants to be one?
over 14 years ago
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Wow! Sexy! :)
over 14 years ago


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