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I made egg tarts (edible too!)

Yes, you heard right! I made egg tarts. Now it's not often that I put on the good old oven mits - but when it's a good friend's b-day I try to put in that extra effort. So if you be good to me, maybe i'll make you a little something something in the future as well .

Success pics! (they are supposed to be a bit burnt btw :p)

I gobbled down this tart shortly after this picture.

My egg tarts were appreciated... butI found out I had some competition. I think the professionally-made cupcakes outshone my homemade tarts! But but but my recipe is full of LOVE.

It's okay, I ordered a blue hawaiian to heal my broken heart. haha I wasn't actually heart-broken. now this is my fave drink, and as the name tells us..it's usually blue. Naturally, I got a bit excited when it came out green! Green hawaiian anybody?

until nxt time..


amykins :)

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wow, that looks good! I think you can give Lord Stowe a run for his money!
almost 15 years ago
Hawaii's having an algae problem this summer... Your tarts are great-looking and you get extra DIY points that puts you waaaaaay ahead of the cupcakes!
almost 15 years ago
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egg tarts and green hawaiin cucmber cooler .. yummy! wow,u can make egg tarts - so impressive gal ... snaps for u!
almost 15 years ago
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