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5 Things You Should Know About Canada!

Can't start off this entry without saying...rip mj, we have been blessed with your music, dancing, and talent. truly the king of pop, who really knows how to make people from all walks of life groove to the beat.****

I've been sick.. :( yes.. today is day 5 I think. Pretty much back to normal...except the throat feels strange, and I sound like I have the 'sexy morning voice' all-day long (except mine isn't too sexy unfortunately)

Today is our birthday. yes, happy birthday CANADA! 

Umm so since i'm sick...and i'm up...doing absolutely nothing but coughing.. here are some fun facts about CANADA!

1.  Winter is not our only season..We don't actually live on ice or in igloos..SUMMER does exist here!

 2. We don't live on ice..BUT we do like drinking Tim Horton's iced cappuccinos.

2.  Vancouver is the host city of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Unlike most mascots, our mascots are real animals..the real deal! And we encounter them on a daily basis. This one's half-panda, half-killer whale. Look proof!


  1. Rachel Mcadams is Canadian!

  1. Hockey is not our official national sport...it's lacrosse :p

5.  And yes..don't know why. But we do like to say EH a lot.  But so does Lady GaGathat is all :)

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Jayson 93 2
Hockey is more exciting though, eh? :)
almost 15 years ago
Photo 70570
I want a KillerPandaWhale for a pet!
almost 15 years ago
I miss chocolate-glazed chocolate donuts from TH's.
almost 15 years ago
Photo 319485
Awesome blog! Yeah! you know it!! (Even I didn't know Hockey was not our official sport...?)
almost 15 years ago
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woah, someone is abusing his role as olympics mascot for personal advantage! :-D
almost 15 years ago
Photo 93921
Great blog, Amy! Thanks for giving me more insight into Canada. Prep me for my adventure there in September! Woohoo!!! :D
almost 15 years ago


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