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The following video depicts my life in Hong Kong so far....................  Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a43gza2Gog4

Video: http://vimeo.com/17800740

Hehehe.....  I do jest........ 

I recently took part in an experimental film, Anguish created by Edwin Lee, shot on a Canon 7D with Rathenower anamorphic lens giving it that cinematic image.  The film is to primarily showcase the cinematography, capturing the city, harbour view, and Hong Kong nightlife to full effect.  So it's best to check it out in HD mode. There is also a link available for vimeo for those cannot access YouTube. 

Directed, shot, and edited by Edwin Lee.  Director Seamus Walsh even makes an appearance as the hedge fund manager responsible for delivering Alan some shocking news.....

Featuring the theme tune from A Better Tomorrow, and Trent Reznor's Hands Covered Bruise(from Social Network).

It's a nice simple short, so please do check it out.  It may given me some inspiration to create something for the up-coming 1 Minute Film Festival Asia............ 

Peace & Best Wishes,


PS.  If you haven't already done so, do check out the Nokia x alivenotdead.com widget here on my page by clicking on it.  Just for bit of fun and support AnD!!! 

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Photo 52064
That's a very nice short film! Good job Alan! =D
over 8 years ago
Photo 99117
Cool video! I was surprised that Seamus on it! =P Good job guys!!
over 8 years ago
Photo 30048
Good work! You reminded me of Michael J. Fox's character in "Bright Lights, Big City."
over 8 years ago
Photo 302134
Wow! nice work! You do look a lot like Donnie Yen!
over 8 years ago
Photo 506359
that's the song composed by joseph koo from the movie " A better tomorrow" i'm not sure why you guys used this song in the beginning..it don't really make sense to me after finish watching this short clip..i'm sorry alan but i have to say the song don't match
over 8 years ago
great video bro! love the film look!
over 8 years ago


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