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Remember, remember, the month of Movember....

Hello to all my fellow AnD'er!!!    Hope everyone has been keeping good and well during my hiatus.  I've been missing in action for quite some time now on AnD, and theres evidence here that might even suggest I am somewhat worse for wear.....  

No - I haven't become homeless nor have I lost my razor....!

The year has flew by, and we are now in the month of November.  It is also the month of the year where Movember charity campaign has hundreds of thousands men across the world sprout their mustaches without shaving for the whole month in aim to raise funds and awareness for men's health, specifically towards Prostate Cancer research.

Movember has always been a charity organisation that intrigued me, but it actually took some convincing for me to initially agree to sign up.  First off - I look horrible with facial hair....!  I honestly can't grow facial hair properly or evenly at all!  I tell my colleagues, "It's difficult enough for me to try to look good as I am when clean-shaven, and now you expect me to have a nasty looking uneven mustache!?!?!?!  Why would you wanna be so cruel to me!?!?!?!"  Honestly though, after a hesitant start it didn't take me too long to consider and jump on board along with my team for this charity, as it does mean sometime to me and is crucial to give it the support it deserves (even at the expense of looking a bit like a tool....! ).

So to all my dearest AnD'ers and generous folks out there....!!!  I hope you can take the time to visit my Movember profile and check out me and my fellow team-members "Hong Kong Tosh", made up of a motley crew of English, Irish, and a Scotsman so far, but growing!  For all my efforts in (attempting to) growing a mustache and looking like a fool for a month, I would kindly ask of you to donate what you can for this great cause.  Every little helps, and your efforts will make every little difference.  Thank you!!! 

Donations can be made following the directions on the link below:http://mobro.co/AWai

I aim to keep an update of how my 'tash' develops over the coming days and weeks.   So watch this space for some new pics if you fancy a horror show or a good laugh....!!!  Thank you all in advance, and Happy Movember!!! 

Peace and Best Wishes,


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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
nice! i wonder how it will look at the end!
over 7 years ago
Photo 67305
Interesting, I do not think that i have heard of this :)
over 7 years ago
Photo 302134
Sexy mustache! I think it looks great on you!
over 7 years ago


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