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Halloween Special Part 2: Dead not Alive Party

It has been years since I've been to a fancy dress party.  It has even been longer years since I've been to a Halloween fancy dress party.......!!!  I had wondered if I would ever do it again and it would take a lot to get me to be dressing up...........  I guess the opportunity to attend the biggest party in town, Dead Not Alive Halloween Party at Hyde was just enough convince me to don a costume.....................Read more

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Halloween Special Part 1: Ocean Park Party

Back home in Ireland I have never celebrated Halloween much.  I guess most of the parties and activities that went on usually never appealed to me, or it's a case of I'm either working and when I'm not I'd be stuck on door duty at home for the trick or treaters..........    It usually is just a sit in with friends or family members for a mini horror-fest, a marathon of horror movies that we'd slap on for the night over popcorn and beverages.  Read more

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New breed of Irish film making talents

Ireland may not necessarily be the country you would find individuals taking Hollywood by storm (although there are those few who have their fair share of success including Colin Farrell, Cilian Murphy, Neil Jordan, Jim Sheridan, etc etc) but there are a few new breed of film makers I genuinely admire and respect for their sheer talent and delivering entertaining and engaging productions....

Horror-movie buff, Conor McMahon is one of the said film makers.  Conor was the mastermind behind the likes of award-winni...Read more

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Kung Fu Adventures in Toronto

So more than eight months has gone by and here I am back in my homeland, Ireland.  My experience in Toronto, Canada has been a real blast.  There never was a dull moment throughout the duration of my stay, whether it be positive or negative.  One thing that I am certain of is that I have gained tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, and Toronto would remain a huge chapter in my life.....

Many would already be familiar with Philip Ng, Read more

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UFC 113 in Bell Centre, Montreal

Being in Toronto and with the most recent Ultimate Fighting Champion event (UFC 113: Machida vs Shogun 2) taking place in Montreal, it would only make sense to take this opportunity to attend one of my favourite sporting event.  And thanks to my brother and sister, as an early Birthday present I was soon off to Montreal and to see the UFC live both for the very first time ever! 

I arrived in Montreal on Friday, May 7th and checked-in at my pre-booked accommodation wonderf...Read more

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Monkey King Rocks on St Patrick's Day!!!

Wednesday, March 17th was the celebration of St Patrick's Day.  More commonly known back home simple as Paddy's Day.  And the day people can be excused for getting completely drunk and wasted!!!    The St Patrick's Day parade here in Toronto actually took place on the Sunday, March 12th (as not to distrupt any businesses having it during the week I would imagine), so on March 17th downtown was rather a quiet enough affair.....  Except thousands of those dres...Read more

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"Back off you Bankers!!!"

The recession that hit Ireland in late 2008 undoubtly affected a lot of businesses.  Although it has recently been announced earlier this year the country's recession is officially over, many banks and building societies are certainly still not in the most stable position.  So it was brought to my attention by my sister, Susan that the Scottish company, Halifax will be closing all their branches in the Republic of Ireland this May....

Why would I bring this up?  Oh no, it's not that I'm a customer or be...Read more

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Chinese New Year with Toronto Hong Luck Kung Fu Club

Kung hei fat choy, my fellow AnD-ers and everyone!!!     A very Happy Chinese New Year to you all, wishing each and everyone of you joy, good health and prosperity!  

So I recently joined Toronto's oldest and perhaps one of the cities' most renowned trational martial arts school, Hong Luck Kung Fu club.Read more

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Review of 2009

So we're almost a week into the year 2010.  2009 came and went by so fast I only now had the opportunity to sit down and think back on the events of the final year of the naughties.............

I had mentioned countless of times how difficult it can be as an actor/performance artist trying to carve a career in Ireland.  Many would argue the same could be said in other parts of the world, but I assure you the opportunities for an Asian (and actors in general) in Irish productions can be far and few.  Plus when you don't possess ...Read more

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Snowy life in Toronto....

It's been over a month since I arrived in Toronto and I figured I should update with what's been happening.....  But truth to be told, not a whole lot!!!    Have just been settling into the city taking everything in, and also had been busy with the apartment hunt which took a while but did eventually find a roof over our heads...!   It's somewhat a modest two bedroom basement apartment, nothing to brag about but it's cozy enough...Read more

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