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"Wing Chun" Documentary Film

I am pleas ed to an nounce that a recent project I have been involved in, the documentary film titled , has finally completed post-produc tion and will be re lea sed very soon.

The project was financed by Hong Kong entrep reneur, Vi ncent Lo Hong-Shui.  A s a practitione r of the art of Wing Chun himself and also the grand student of the legendary Ip Man, in m aking this documentary was something close to his heart and he entrusted th is very task to the expertise and vision of talen ted director, Seamus Walsh.

I was brought on board as a performer for the drama sc e nes on camera within the documentary, and also be hind the scenesas an assistan t fight coordina tor .

Althoug h I have trained in numerous different styles of marti al arts before, I have never practiced Wing Chun.  Being involved in the proj ect ga ve me the opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge and personal training from one of the most resp ected Wing Chun master a nd all -round nice guy, Sifu Lui Ming Fai.

While Sifu L ui handled all the Wing Chun combat sce nes within the documentary, I was responsible for the a ction t hat unfolds in the drama scenes.

Stay tuned for up-coming blogs with some behin d the scenes i n filming this documen tary.  But for now , I will leave you with the official trailer to the document aryfilm, . Video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDY5NDMwMzcy.html#replyLocation

will prem iere at Lin g nan Tiandi in Foshan , China on 21st November 2012.

For more in formation on the highly sk illed and amazing person that is Sifu Lui, and of his Wing Chun lessons, please check out the link below .

Si fu L ui Ming Fai's official website

Pea ce & Best Wishes,


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wow!cant wait to see!
over 6 years ago
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wow!cant wait to see!
over 6 years ago
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nice. thanks for letting us know
over 6 years ago
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Nice Alan! Support!!
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