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Linda Chung's "If You Want Me" - Behind the Scenes MV shoot

Anotherbelatedblog for festive greetings,but I sincerely hope everyone had a fabulous Lunar New Year!  May the Year of theBunnybe a most pleasant and prosperous one for each and all!!!  

2011 marks only my second time (best to my knowledge as an adult and during my teenage years) to have celebrated Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.  It was a nice,busy and eventful one. Besides the usual celebrations that goes on with family relatives and friends, and lots and lots of food consumed, during the weekend of Chinese New Year I had the pleasure to work on a MV shoot for Hong Kong actress/singer and TVB star, Linda Chung.

The MV is for one of Linda's personal favourite from her up-coming album, the track titled If You Want Me - a Cantonese cover for the song of the same nameby Markéta Irglová from the Irish film, Once (perhapsbest known for it's 2008Best Original Song Oscar win for the song,Falling Slowly).

The facesbehind the lenses includes Ireland's and AnD's own talent, Seamus Walsh as the director.  And fellow Irish-born Chinese camera maestro, Edwin Lee as D.O.P.

I was drafted onboard to assistbehind the scene as well as to pose as the mysterious figure of the MV ex-boyfriend of Linda's. With this motleybunch onboard we've practically have got an all Irish crew for this MV shoot! 

Linda was such a joy and pleasure to work with.  Always sweet and pleasant, a real professional and eager to work, her smile is simply infectious and radiant..... 

....  Only smiles isn't what we were after for this MV.  So Seamus was quick to set the tone and mood required for this track.     

Linda tucks in for abed time story from our director Seamus.....

Seamus was only too willing to share his tale of heartbreak to get Linda into character..... 

All pumped and ready for work and shoot!  Only Linda is so in character that Seamus' high five goes unanswered..... 

TheIf You Love MeMV shoot continues in Kennedy Town for some nice exterior shots.

Eddie testing some shoots with his wide lens.....

....  And the results of the shoot.... 

While in Kennedy Town, we took the opportunity to shoot a second MV for anothertrack of Linda's.  So not only had I the honour to meet, work with, and appear in one of Linda's MV all in one day. But now make that two music videos!  Notbad for a day's work....!   Do keep an eye out for the mysterious man inblack inboth MVs..... 

The shoot takes us from Kennedy Town to Central for thebusy crowds andevening exteriors.

We wrap up our day on a high with a smooth and successful MV shoot.  Major thumbs up to all the talents involved on If You Love MeMV...!!! 

(Remind me when one calls for silly faces from everyone during photo shoot, don'tbelieve them...  )

I would like to thankboth Seamus and Linda for giving me the wonderful opportunity to work on this great music video for a great song.  It'sbeen a nice pleasant experience tobe working with thebeautiful and talented Linda and along with my gifted Irish comrades!!  The MV toIf You Want Me is expected tobe officially released later this week.  Please do keep an eye out for it (for those local in Hong Kong - do hit the karoake! ).

Peace &Best Wishes,


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Photo 99117
Hi! Director Seamus!! =D
over 8 years ago
Photo 99117
The mysterious man in black! =P
over 8 years ago
Photo 99117
Nice photo! I like it!! =)
over 8 years ago
Photo 99117
I think you guys did pretty good job! I'm looking forward to watching the MV!! =)
over 8 years ago
Img 9226
any aliens about?
over 8 years ago
Photo 302134
Nice hair cut & jacket!
over 8 years ago
Photo 302134
Nice photo!
over 8 years ago
Photo 302134
Haha this one's funny :)
over 8 years ago
Photo 52064
Woohoo! I really rally happy to know you guys did such a good job!! =D wanna watch the MV!!!
over 8 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
cool! congrats!
over 8 years ago
Photo 61114
Nice dude! Looking forward to it!
over 8 years ago
Photo 80548
Finally the pics of you here! :-)
over 8 years ago
Photo 155767
oh my god. this is so exclusive! thanks bunch for sharing. luv ya.
over 8 years ago
Photo 99117
I've watched this video~~ on Seamus' page!! Your back shots were COOL!! =D Good job! Alan!! ; )
over 8 years ago
Photo 37737
Thanks Alan for the detailed description on the makings! haha was nice to have you in that mv! looking forward to her other mv as well as your updates about it! thanks for the hard work!
over 8 years ago
Cool~ ^_^
about 8 years ago
Photo 588890
over 7 years ago


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